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Springtime is my favorite season, because it’s when we look for joyful and fuzzy things as the weather warms up. I find myself playing a variety of games in spring more than any other season due to the happy nature of spring! The games I enjoy are usually on the Nintendo Switch, but they are often not practical as a busy student.

I find similar apps on my phone to still receive this enjoyment as I’m on campus away from my Switch. Here are my top five apps I regularly use that I recommend for spring!

PokÉmon Go

Pokémon Go first received its fame in 2016, but continues to thrive as campuses and nearby areas are ideal locations to catch and collect Pokémon. As the weather warms up, there are more opportunities to enjoy nature or public areas comfortably. The warmer weather allows students the perfect chance to get outside and explore new places. This also opens the door to healthy and manageable study breaks.

I, for one, love Pokemon for you being able to have cute “pets” and make your own family. The spring events allow you to catch more exclusive seasonal Pokémon, which are purposefully made more adorable for spring. 

This also has summer-time advantages. Pokémon Go is a great way to enjoy the area before summer tourists, especially in a place like Myrtle. This can help reward yourself to a much needed day at the beach as the end of the semester stress kicks in. 

Regardless if you are freshly picking up this or are looking for more active apps, Pokémon Go helps make healthy lifestyles rewarding to those who may be intimidated by crowds or gym machinery.

Two Dots

This game isn’t your mom’s Candy Crush. You make squares with the dots to clear the board. The app’s simple, yet challenging, puzzles make it more fun to solve. It’s just a bonus the aesthetics are minimalistic and pretty.

As spring approaches, it’s natural for people to try and be productive, and Two Dots makes that void feel less empty. Regardless, if you are a student always on the go, or merely wanting to up your problem solving skills, this app is perfect for springtime.

Animal Restaurant 

Animal Restaurant is a rather self-guided game as you operate Gumi’s Kitchen. All the customers are a variety of animals and the staff you form are primarily cats. The customers may tip with cod fish, the money in this game, and your goal is to keep earning cod while growing the business.

This game is the essence of finding the joy of “working” in a warm and cozzy vibe. Animal Restaurant is a simple and cute way to find beauty in realistic responsibilities, such as working.

Cats & Soup

Similar to Animal Restaurant, Cats & Soup focuses on making soups to sell. To make soups, you use the island to expand the production of ingredients. Different cats operate their stations to contribute to the soup pot.

This app is worth getting, just for its amazing art style and graphics. As a player, I can feel my stress melt away as I see this game’s smooth cat animations. Unlike other games, this offers a new and fresh objective of “work”. This niche product allows many players to enjoy a new experience life would not likely offer. 

Another cute quirk about Cats & Soup is you can personally name the cat workers, so what’s not to love?!


In case you aren’t familiar with Sudoku, it is a puzzle game where you try to find the correct sequence of numbers based on the provided patterns. The more numbers you discover, the easier the game becomes as you gain more context clues in your challenge.

The app Sudoku.com makes this game portable and convenient, keeping you from carrying a puzzle book around. Another great aspect is its ease for beginners or learners. Unlike booklets, this app will alert you if you inserted an incorrect number, which is handy for eliminating uncertainty. 

The most interesting feature for more experienced players is the time included. This clock will run as you complete the puzzle and be shown once the puzzle is completed. This makes speed runs or beating high scores more fun, and it makes achieving your record more rewarding.

Spring is a new season, and more often than not, we want to try new things but hardly know where to start. The app Sudoku.com makes it easy to learn while still posing a challenge. It’s a good spice to add among other puzzle games if you enjoy a variety. 

Maci Kaye Anderson

Coastal Carolina '24

Maci Kaye is a Communication (PR) major and a Marketing minor at Coastal Carolina University. I am the editor of our Her Campus chapter, work as the Program Director of WCCU Radio, and am a member of Omicron Delta Kappa honors leadership society.