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Periods aren’t rocket science. They’ve been happening to women since the beginning of time for the majority of their lives. They’re messy and painful and often have not so great side effects, but they’re not rocket science.

So, why should our menstrual products be? For many period companies, a long list of chemicals can be found to explain the excess of things within our tampons and pads. Many of these chemicals are a concern to me personally as I wonder what harmful things I could be physically placing into my body several times a month and what impact that could have over the course of my lifetime. 

That’s why I started using just. tampons. 


I’ve been using products by the company “just.” for my period for the past couple of months after stumbling by an advertisement in Walmart one day on the tampon aisle. It described just. as a company that used no dyes, no fragrances, and no chlorine bleaching (things regularly included in regular tampon companies). “It’s not rocket science–it’s just a period,” the company stated. And I thought, “yes. Someone gets it.” 

Another thing that I love about this company is that they care about more than making your periods simpler. They are also partnering with Active Minds, which is a non-profit company that is supporting mental health awareness and education for young people. just. cares about mental and physical well-being and wants to make our lives easier and eliminate stress and unnecessary silence and taboos about uncomfortable topics.

Since learning about this company, I have been using only just. products. I feel so much better about my period each time I have it as I’ve eliminated the worry of what is in the products I’m using and I also know that I am contributing to an important cause for mental health and education. Periods aren’t fun and there’s no need to add more unnecessary concerns to an already unfortunate time of the month. Make the switch to just. and take care of your health. It’s bloody simple.

Lily Bryant

Coastal Carolina '21

Lily Bryant is an English major at Coastal Carolina University with minors in Women's and Gender Studies and Marketing. In her free time she loves to read, write, sing, and do pretty much anything artsy. Her goals in life are to inspire others, create good change, and be a successful author. View her work here at Her Campus or on her personal blog at lilyabryant.com.