If You're Looking For Something to Watch

Lately, all I’ve been doing (besides obtaining my responsibilities) is watching shows on Netflix or Disney+ because cable can be overrated (except for when I watch ‘Riverdale’ or ‘Nancy Drew’ on Wednesday nights, then cable is the bom.com). If you’re looking for some shows or movies to watch, then you’ve started reading the right article my friend. 


  1. Grace and Frankie- Netflix series

I was recommended this show by one of my co-workers at Starbucks and honestly when she first started explaining the premise of the show, I was honestly trying to consider how in the world it would even be good. Okay, so Grace is a retired cosmetics model and Frankie (who is definitely my spirit person) is a hippie and an art teacher. Both of their husbands (Robert and Sol) are divorce lawyers. I know you’re wondering when I’m going to get to the part where I judged the show hardcore, which is now so brace yourselves… Robert and Sol both admit that they are IN LOVE WITH EACH OTHER AND ARE LEAVING THEIR WIVES!!! It’s insanely crazy but the show takes you on this wild ride of friendship, heartbreak, scary moments,  funny moments and so much more. I love this show so much and I can’t believe I hadn’t discovered it earlier. 


  2. Lizzie McGuire- Disney+

If you remember OLD old Disney, then I’m sure you’ve heard of this classic. Lizzie McGuire, named after the shows main character follows the life of a young preteen, her family, and her two best friends Miranda and Gordo. The show also features a mini cartoon version of Lizzie that sometimes speaks to the audience which makes the show even more entertaining. The trio of friends all seem to be finding themselves, going through different aspects of their adolescence and growing older. Also, Lizzie is extremely clumsy and falls on her face almost every single episode.


   3. The Color of Friendship- Disney+

Coming out about 20 years ago, this movie is based on actual events of a friendship between two girls named Mahree (from apartheid South Africa) and Piper (from the United States). Also before I go on, let me explain that “apartheid” is a system of discrimination or segregation based on race. The film is set in the year 1977, and Piper who lives with her father Congressman Ron Dellums, her mother Roscoe Dellums and her two twin brothers has taken interest in the different nations of Africa and begs for her parents to host an African exchange student. In South Africa, Mahree lives in a manor with her parents and little brother who benefit off of the apartheid and don’t question it’s morality and although her (ignorant) father seems to be overjoyed with Stephen Biko who is a black South African fighting against the apartheid is arrested, Mahree is racially blinded and considers their black maid to be one of her best friends. When Mahree arrives in America, both of the girls are extremely confused. I guess Piper didn’t know white South Africans existed and Mahree did not expect black people to be politicians. For this movie to be released originally on Disney Channel, it can be a little vulgar at times. The “n word” is said at least once, racist comments are made, prejudice is shown, and so much more. However, this is one film that seems to be extremely educational and can show the growth process of an unintentional racist. Not a film for most, but a very good one to say the least. 


   4. Katy Keene- The CW 

If you’re one for good crossovers, I suggest watching this show. Katy Keene is about a young girl who has an eye for fashion and is the “goat” when it comes to picking out an outfit for any and everyone. The show starts off with her going above and beyond for her boss at a NYC department store, and with Josie from “Riverdale” coming to the city that never sleeps to move in with Katy and her other friends. Josie decides she wants a new start and to move away from “the murder capital of the world” while Katy wants to be more than just an assistant. I’m not going to lie, I haven't watched the show since the first episode so I need to catch up myself. Overall, I feel like it’s definitely a show to watch if you want to know what it feels like to start over and chase your dreams while going through the other motions of what life brings you. 


  5. Locke and Key- Netflix

First off, I want to say that this show has such a clever name and you’ll realize it once you read more. The Locke family is relocating back to the hometown of where the kids father and the mother’s late husband (Benjamin Locke) spent his childhood. I’ll leave how Mr. Locke died to your curious mind, but the Locke house is far from just a regular mansion and so are the keys. Tyler, Kinsey and Bode Locke and their mother, Nina, move into the Keyhouse and also discover that there are secrets. The show immediately delves the audience into everything while the four are also trying to figure everything out. I’m pretty sure I binge watched the entire show in two days and was also left on the edge of my seat when it came to the end of every episode. As you can guess, the season ends with a jaw dropping moment and leaves you screaming “Nooooo” or it could just be me because I’m dramatic.


A short list, I know, but one that I hope you take into great consideration. Get some popcorn and get comfortable because you have some time to waste.