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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Coastal Carolina chapter.

Are you a freshman wondering what to bring with you to college? Here are a few recommendations coming from a junior in college. Personally, I was so nervous freshman year about what to bring. 

  1. Mattress Toppers
    1. Trust me it will save your back in the long run to have a mattress topper. More often than not, university provided mattresses are not ideal. Below are some affordable options when shopping. 

Walmart, $48.99

Amazon, $44.99

  1. Slippers
    1. These are essential for walking around in your dorm building. Sometimes you just want to take off your shoes and be comfy. Let’s be honest, who knows what is on those floors?

Walmart, $6.89

Amazon, $11.98 

  1. Cleaning Supplies
    1. For your sake and your roommates, please don’t be the dirty one. I recommend keeping your own cleaning supplies even if the group has some. You never know when you will need to clean up a mess. 
  1. School Supplies
    1. You do not want to walk into class unprepared. Normally, college professors do not give out a required school supplies list, so shop early and get what you think you need. I say you can never have enough notebooks or pens. As a college student, you can get a student discount through Target.
  1. Storage Bins
    1. You can never have enough storage, especially in a freshman dorm. You need to make use of the space you have. 

Amazon, $8.97

Amazon, $8.18

  1. First Aid Kit
    1. Make sure to have a first aid kit for all your everyday medicine needs. You never know when you might need it when living on your own for the first time.
  1. Command Hooks
    1. You might not know that most universities have a rule about not drilling holes into the wall. This is where command hooks come in handy. You can still have a decorated dorm without having to worry about getting charges on your account for damages.
  1. Power Strips
    1. This is essential because the outlets are never placed where you need them and you seem to always bring more things then you realize. I ran into the issue of needing to plug in a TV, printer, phone, apple watch, and fridge all at the same time. The power strips are life savers. 
  1. Mini Fridge
    1. This could be essential in a dorm especially when you might want a midnight snack or a soda. Some dorms do not have a main fridge for the whole suite, so if you want something cold you may want a mini fridge.
Madison Johnson

Coastal Carolina '25

Hi my name is Madison Johnson. I am a junior at Coastal Carolina University. I am a double major in psychology and sociology. I have two concentrations, one in criminology and the other in forensics. I also have a minor in Women and Gender Studies. I am a member of the honors college. I am originally from Charlotte, North Carolina. I lived there for 11 years before moving to Tega Cay, South Carolina. I have been living there since I was in sixth grade. I have family in Conway, South Carolina, so I was familiar with the area before I became a student at Coastal Carolina University. Some of my interests include hanging out with friends, going to football games, being around family, going to the beach, traveling, cooking, and finding crafts to do. My favorite thing about traveling is that I get to see different atmospheres. I like to go hiking and kayaking.