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End Of The School Year: We’re All In This Together!

School is wrapping up once again! It’s almost time to drop those papers and trade them for sunscreen. The end of the year is always a nice combination of stress and joy! Although some people may have graduation to look forward to, others (including me) are just trying to make it to summer vacation. We have been working hard all year and I think that, sometimes, we forget about all of the things we accomplished. There’s so much work being done that we tend to put all our energy into passing classes. Don’t get me wrong, we should always focus on a good education, but I think the end of the year is a perfect time to reflect on the person you came to be! So, I came up with a couple of things to remind you about the good parts of the school year while some of us are stressing out!

Appreciating all accomplishments

There is nothing wrong with appreciating yourself for all of the things you’ve accomplished throughout the year! So, while you’re pulling all-nighters, think about what it took to get you in the space you are in right now. You could celebrate academic achievements, anything won in a club or organization, or just getting out of bed today. Everyone has something to be proud of. We were not the same people that we were at the beginning of the year. In fact, I am pretty sure that every person has seen some sort of growth or accomplished something at any point in the year. We all are different so, don’t try to compare accomplishments to other people. Instead, take some time to realize who you are and how much hard work it took to finally reach the end of the school year.

Memories that were made!

With every school year comes amazing memories! Whether it is with friends, family, a partner, or classmates, everyone has to have had at least one good memory of the year. It may not have made sense back then, but those memories are good things to hold on to. They remind us that every day isn’t terrible and those moments can be filled with smiles and laughter. We need to reflect on the good times so that we can push through these stressful ones. Memories are essential for anyone because they can easily turn your bad day into a better one. I think it will help everyone by having at least one good memory stored for good keeping! It’ll help with the tougher times and motivate us to keep going!

Summer Plans

Summer vacation is just around the corner! It’s almost time to bust out the shades and bring the coolers to the beach for a fun, relaxing time. All we have to do is get through these last couple of weeks. I know it may seem like an obstacle right now, but it will pay off when you finally get the break you deserve. Thinking about summer plans can be a great way to push you to get work done and finish tasks earlier than expected! However, some people get too caught up in the thoughts of summer that they become lazy or lose motivation in their schoolwork. So, if you are careful, think about summer in a way that pushes you to do the work and get the break you need!

A chance to start fresh!

Graduating or not, we are coming to an end of a school year. Every time a chapter closes in our books, another is ready to open. I want everyone to know that a clean slate is coming your way and that opens up so many possibilities! We need to look at the end of a school year as a part of our journey and not just the end. It gives us a chance to finish our stories and begin new ones with so much more passion behind them. I think we all deserve to keep prospering and growing into the people we want to be. The only we can do that is to continue to move forward and complete any task given to us. Yes, it’s hard, but it is also something that launches us into a new path and a fresh start.

As we all know, wrapping the semester up can be stressful and time-consuming. What I really want everyone to remember is to never give up. You are so close to the end and it will feel amazing to have everything done. So, remind yourself of everything good that happened to you, make summer plans, and look towards the future for something new. We are all in this together and I can’t wait to see you on the other side!

Dyneira Brown

Coastal Carolina '23

Dyneira is a Broadcast Journalism Communication Major with a Minor in Marketing at Coastal Carolina University. She is a Peer Leader, Research Fellow, and is on the Student Advisory Committee for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion! She is a captain of the Chanticleer Regiment Marching Band. Dyneira loves Marvel movies/shows and aspires to have a career in the media field!
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