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Easter is the perfect time for new beginnings. Between the decorated eggs, the gorgeous palette of fashion, and the candy, there is no wonder why everyone celebrates this every year! Easter may have originated thousands of years ago, but it is still springing new ideas and possibilities into our lives. Whether you are with family, friends, or just alone, there are tons of ways to celebrate Easter and enjoy what Spring has to offer.

A Hopful of Candy!

What is Easter without the iconic candy it brings? I think we all enjoy the delicious, chocolate Cadbury Eggs! They are always the first to go when buying a specific candy. I think it is so delicious to bite into the chocolate shell and get a taste of caramel filling (or any other filling they have). Another egg-shaped candy is the mini Reese’s Peanut butter eggs! Personally, peanut butter and chocolate are the perfect combination and are a bit different than Cadbury. Reese’s eggs are softer and a little lighter in taste because the peanut butter is just too good! 

In addition to the chocolate candy, let’s not forget about the fruit-flavored ones! First up, we have Starburst and Jelly Belly jellybeans! They are super iconic and always have new flavors in store for Easter! I think the Starburst ones are a little tangier, but they still give the feeling of a new beginning! Everyone knows that I saved the best for last…PEEPS! These marshmallow candies are always in stores in time for Easter. Every kid wants them, and every adult knows when to get them. It is just a fun and trendy treat to find at home or in your basket!

Springing Colors!

Did I mention that Easter has a cool palette for fashion? Well, it does! I love the pastel theme of clothing and decorations for the Easter holiday. I think the soft yellows, blues, pinks, purples, and greens are just another way to help us engage with the spring season. These colors are often associated with babies and smaller children so, it is not so far-fetched to believe the colors embody rebirth and growth. In addition to its deeper meaning, I think the concept of flowers, sunshine, and bunnies are great to have with decor and fashion. The aesthetic of Easter just brings out the warmth, happiness, nurture, laughter, and vision to anyone around. It grants everyone a chance to take good photos connect with others, or just enjoy life!

An EGG-celent hunt!

Let’s not forget the most important activity for the Easter Holiday…THE EGG HUNT! Though it originated in Europe and Asia, the United States holds this tradition near and dear. In a backyard, house, or a different venue, egg hunts can be fun for everyone! It could be the homemade decoration of eggs or picking the best spots to hide your plastic ones, everyone gets a turn at engaging with this activity. Kids play to get candy for their baskets. Adults may have an egg hunt that has money in the eggs! It is certainly a fun activity for all ages and I can’t imagine the country without this tradition.

Easter is known for the fun and enjoyment of eggs and candy, but it is smooch more than that. Easter is a symbol of hope and moving forward for anyone around. It is a time to reach out to the others and see where the day will go. It’s the time to finally do some spring cleaning, and it is here to remind you to live your life to the fullest while giving it your all. Happy Easter!

Dyneira Brown

Coastal Carolina '23

Dyneira is a Broadcast Journalism Communication Major with a Minor in Marketing at Coastal Carolina University. She is a Peer Leader, Research Fellow, and is on the Student Advisory Committee for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion! She is a captain of the Chanticleer Regiment Marching Band. Dyneira loves Marvel movies/shows and aspires to have a career in the media field!