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Looking back on my memories of watching Disney Channel movies, TV shows, and music videos that played in between, so many Disney songs went underrated. Despite being on a kid’s television network, many songs from Disney Channel were honestly hits and still worthy of a listen today. Maybe the nostalgia of it all is tricking me, but these songs are bops.


1) “Somebody” by Lemonade Mouth

This song gives me the best ‘chasing your dreams’ vibes. The song is about wanting to chase your dreams and finally be ‘somebody.’ The song comes as the band is just beginning to form in Lemonade Mouth and one of the singers is breaking out of her shell to do what she loves.



“Can you see me?

'Cause I'm right here

Can you listen?

'Cause I've been trying to make you notice”


2) "Determinate” by Lemonade Mouth

Also from Lemonade Mouth, this song is a lot more upbeat. It starts off slow and tells of a nervous singer but eventually goes into ‘turning the world into your dance floor.’ This is a great song to sing along to and have fun with.



“You and me together, we can make it better

Gotta turn the world into your dance floor

Determinate, d-determinate”


3) “She’s So Gone” by Naomi Scott

From Lemonade Mouth, this song is the ultimate breakup song. The song details a girl who was once insecure and needed someone to hold her up. However, ‘she’s so gone,’ and the singer explains that she is confident and strong now—no longer needing a toxic relationship to provide her with reassurance she now finds in herself.



“You can look but you won't see

The girl I used to be

'Cause she's

She's so gone”


4) “Hero” by Sterling Knight

From Starstruck, this is a charming song about being everything that you can be for someone. Knight sings:



“I'm no Superman, I can't take your hand

Can't fly you anywhere you wanna go, yeah

I can't read your mind like a billboard sign

And tell you everything you wanna hear, but

I'll be your hero”


This song is very cheesy, but I love it and still never press skip when it comes on shuffle.


5) “Something About the Sunshine Baby” by Sterling Knight and Anna Margaret

Also from Starstruck, this song is so happy and bright! This is the perfect song for a day by the ocean or just riding with your windows down in the sunshine.



“There's something about the sunshine, baby

I'm seeing you in a whole new light

L.A.'s breeze with the palm trees swaying

Oh, it's so right”


6) “Chemicals React” by Aly & AJ

This song is all about the way you feel when you love someone and the ‘chemicals in you react.’ Sang by the twin duo of the days, “Chemicals React” is a perfect blend of upbeat pop and mushy love. I still appreciate the unique nature and lyrics of this song now.



“You make me feel out of my element

Like I'm drifting out to the sea

Like the tides pullin' me in deeper

Makin' it harder to breathe”


7) “Reflection” by Christina Aguilera

“Reflection” may be a Disney song but it’s honestly a tear-jerker. This song tells the story of someone who constantly wears a mask and hides who they are from the world. 



“Who is that girl I see

Staring straight back at me?

When will my reflection show

Who I am inside?”


8) “This Is Me” by Demi Lovato

“This Is Me” was a cultural movement when it was released, let’s be honest. From the movie Camp Rock, “This Is Me” is the perfect self-love song for coming out of your shell and being your most authentic self. I can remember passionately screaming (I mean.. singing) along to this song when I was younger and to be honest, I still do the same thing when I hear it now.



“This is the real, this is me

I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be now

Gonna let the light

Shine on me”


9) “Here I Am” by Renee Sandsrom

“Here I Am” is also from Camp Rock and performed around the same part of the movie where “This Is Me” shines through. I think that for this reason, “Here I Am” is often overlooked but it deserves praise of its own. The general theme of the song is similar to “This Is Me,” as it tells of a girl embracing who she is and loving herself. This song also describes gender roles and societal norms as well as breaking out of them. “Here I Am” is a true bop and confidence boosting song.



“They tell you a good girl is quiet

And that you should never ask why

'Cause it only makes it harder to fit in…”


“It's so hard just waitin'

In a line that never moves

It's time you started makin' your own rules


You gotta scream until there's nothing left

With your last breath

Say, "Here I am, here I am"

Make 'em listen”


10) “Crazier” by Taylor Swift

Any Taylor Swift song would make it on my playlist but I do love “Crazier.” It is a sweet, wholesome song about having butterflies for someone. Played on Hannah Montana: The Movie, “Crazier” was the best of both worlds. (See what I did there??)



“You lift my feet off the ground

You spin me around

You make me crazier, crazier

Feels like I'm falling and I am lost in your eyes”



These are just a few of the best bops but for the whole playlist on Apple Music look here: https://music.apple.com/us/playlist/disney-bops/pl.u-2aoqqvehNLryWrm.

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