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Disclaimer: Not a sponsored review. Pictures shown are not the palette. 

A huge thank you to Madison Sargent for allowing me to use her Conspiracy Palette.   

I’ve been watching Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star Youtube videos for years and when they decided to collaborate in makeup, the beauty community changed entirely. I’m no expert in makeup and I rarely ever buy expensive products. My eyes are my prized possession when applying makeup, making the most expensive product I own being Lancôme’s Definicils Mascara, retailing at $27.50. The idea of buying the Conspiracy Eyeshadow Palette which retails for $52, was not an investment I was willing to make. Luckily, a close friend who happens to be a photographer owned the palette and allowed me to experiment with it. 

My First Reaction:  

With the ‘golden hour beach theme’ for photos in mind, the first colors I knew from the start I wanted to use were the bright red of Flaming Hot and the burnt orange of Cheese Dust. One very controversial color came to mind as well, the bright yellow Food Videos. I was shocked to realize that the color is not as neon as presented in the package when applied to the skin, which made for a great color for blending.   

The Colors Used:  

My Pills (blended, lower lash line)  

Pig-ment (top lid)  

Food Videos (inner corner, lower lash line)  

Cheese Dust (top lid)  

Flaming Hot (outer crease, top lid)  

What’s the Tea? (lower lash line)  

My Ride’s Here (waterline)  

My Favorite Part About This Palette:  

One thing I noticed after seeing the photos is that in different light settings, different colors appear to be more prominent. Such as; while standing directly in front of the sun Food Videos and the bled of Pig-ment and Cheese Dust are shown to be most prominent, even though each color listed as used were all applied to my eyes. However, when facing in a darker light setting away from the sun Flaming Hot, Cheese Dust, Food Videos and a hint of What’s the Tea? happen to all appear.   

My Final Reaction:  

When all is said and done this palette in my opinion, is worth the $52 retail due to the amount of useful combinations of colors within, however, the amount of fallout surprised me. I ended up blending with my fingers instead of using brushes (mainly because the pigmentation showed up so much better) but also, because there were elements of shadow flying off the brushes onto my clothes. With this said, when using my fingertips to apply, I did not have much fallout on my face, and the eyeshadow pans are large enough that the fallout doesn’t necessarily matter too greatly. My Ride’s Here became one of the best black shadows I have ever used; shown in my waterline as a replacement for eyeliner. My favorite color combination that I see myself using again would be Cheese Dust and Flaming Hot. The color combination that I would like to experiment with next would be Just A Theory, What’s the Tea? and Diet Root Beer. The shadow that disappointed me the most was Ranch, since it was not a very pigmented white (which is why I then used My Pills),however, the shadows apply very smoothly, and are extremely vibrant when packing the color you wish to apply.   

If I ever get a chance to work with this palette again, I will further experiment with other color combinations, making sure to see the full potential. Overall, the Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star collaboration impressed me. I cannot wait to try some of their other products in the future.   

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