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A Brief Summary of Planets, Palindromes, Manifestation, and Numerology: 2-22-22

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Coastal Carolina chapter.

“Angel Numbers” are unavoidable on social media. From Snapchats containing only 1:11 PM and to Instagram infographics on astrology accounts detailing upcoming dates, angel numbers are a prolific example of numerology accepted by the mainstream. Although this belief is pseudoscientific, many people adhere to the belief that numbers hold divine or mystical significance. Most people believe that unexpectedly seeing repeating numbers while going about their daily lives is a sign that the Universe wants to send you a message. There are even some who believe these repeating numbers to be indicative of successful “manifesting” which many people are also now familiar with. 


To dig into the history of numerology, we have to travel back to Ancient Greece. Pythagoras is credited with ”pure” numerology, which focuses only on logic and truth derived from numbers. Chaldean numerology from Mesopotamia is astrology based, and each number is associated with a planet. Lastly, there is Kabbalah, which is Hebrew for “knowledge of the mind and soul”. Each one is from a different culture, but they all have similarities, mainly by assigning letters of the alphabet numbers to determine your fate or your future.


But what makes 2/22/22 specifically so special? It’s a palindrome date. Normally, a palindrome is a word or a sentence that is spelled the same way forward and backward, like Hannah. Other palindrome dates in February were 2/2/22, and 2/20/22 to 2/28/22. For over a week, putting the dates in backward (22/20/2 becomes 2/20/22) gives you the same date as it would be reversed again. It’s a little difficult to wrap your head around at first. This has become so mainstream that sources like The Washington Post and local news channels are writing and posting about it as the date approaches, whether to garner excitement or to cast doubt on the relatively harmless excitement.


In the field itself, you can calculate your Life Path by adding the numbers of your birthday together. Certain Life Path numbers correspond to descriptions, very similar to astrology, where it can be vague enough to be universally acceptable but individually interpreted and applied to your own life. This is not to discredit the resonating themes people take away from these descriptions. Often, they are coherent, and many people find them to be unnerving in their accuracy. This is what makes these practices fun!

Angel Numbers

These dates hold much more significance within groups that believe in numerology. Repeating dates and times are regarded highly as direct communication with the universe, which is why they’re described as angel numbers. Some people believe it’s a sign from angels, God, the universe, or the Source, guiding them to the right decisions or pathways. The number two, says StyleCaster, carries the energy of “partnership, duality, and balance.” The universe will teach you lessons of compromise and harmony. Energies of alignment and trusting in the fact that you are headed in the right direction are also associated with the number two.

Social Media

Several mystical accounts have been making videos on TikTok to guide people on how to behave on “mirror gate” (palindrome date) days, as the karmic energy you output that day will be reflected back at you, essentially mirrored as the name implies. Because of this, TikToker @bellainter recommends you stay away from arguments or fighting, and to make wishes since they are guaranteed to come true. In my opinion, this is harmless advice, to follow the golden rule, to treat yourself, and these content creators receive extraordinary amounts of engagement on posts containing this type of engagement. These ideas are all habits that will positively impact your daily life, so making them more of a habit helps you and everyone around you, regardless of if the universe is going to reward you for your kindness. It also gives people a common interest, something to comment on when the day arrives with their friends. Numerology is a source of joy for many people, helping them better themselves and the people around them.


Astrologers are very excited to see Pluto reappear above North America, as it has not seen it since before its independence from British rule. It was last seen 247 years ago, and astrologers believe major governmental power shifts will occur during this time, citing examples in other countries’ political revolutions when pluto was visiting them. Refinery29 says that Pluto represents, “…creation and destruction…renewal and rebirth.” In letting go of old systems that are no longer working, through forced evolution, they will be removed by social upheaval. On an individual level, astrologers claim that, in shaking the status quo up, they will feel refreshed and balanced through its restorative energies.

Carissa Soukup

Coastal Carolina '23

Carissa Soukup is an English major with a minor in Communications. Her hobbies are reading, listening to music, and brushing her cat. Her goal is to work in the publishing industry. She dreams of eventually living in a log cabin with several more cats after traveling the world.