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Crystals have become popular among millennials on the internet as an alternative way to cleanse negative energy. These stones are more than just a colorful accessory. They are said to hold healing powers. There may not be scientific evidence to back up such a claim, but many people use the crystals to instill a positive mindset. If you’re interested in getting some stones, but you don’t know where to begin, I’ve found some of the best stones that can help alleviate stress. 

1. Amethyst

The amethyst is a purple stone that is associated with protecting and purifying the mind and soul. It attracts good vibes only while simultaneously getting rid of negative energy. It can also relieve physical pain like headaches and joint aches. The violet crystal is said to be a protector from anxiety and stressful situations. You can carry around small versions of this stone, or you can take advantage of its beauty and find it on a piece of jewelry.

2. Clear Quartz

There are many different types of quartz crystals, but the clear quartz is a colorless or white stone that is supposedly a master in healing. It is versatile and used for restoring peace and harmony both mentally and physically. The clear quartz is supposed to align your body with a focus on your crown chakra, which gives access to the mind.

3. Rose Quartz

Similar to the clear quartz, the rose quartz is a powerful healer, but this one uses the power of love. This pink crystal symbolizes universal love, and it is most closely associated with self-love. The rose quartz can be used as a reminder to take care of yourself and practice healthy coping mechanisms.

4. Snowflake Obsidian

The snowflake obsidian is a black stone named after snowflakes because it features white dots of various shapes and sizes scattered along its body. No two white dots are the same, just like how no two snowflakes are the same. The snowflake obsidian removes negative energy with ease, so you can be surrounded by positivity at all times. The stone can also help bring emotions to the surface to help you analyze why you’ve been feeling overwhelmed. Black crystals are generally protective and powerful.

5. Jasper

Jasper is a smooth stone with a red-brown color. It is a maternal stone because it is considered a nurturer, especially in times of stress and anxiety. The jasper absorbs negative energy, so you can feel empowered and prepared to face a stressful situation head-on. Like the amethyst, jasper seeks to protect.

6. Tiger’s Eye

The tiger’s eye does not actually look like a tiger’s eye, unfortunately. However, this stone consists of various brown hues that wrap around the body of the stone. Sometimes the tiger’s eye appears golden, and it is used as a motivator. This crystal gets rid of anxiety and harmonizes any chaos in the mind. The tiger’s eye is helpful in decision-making processes because it allows you to clearly see the choice you need to make.

7. Hematite

Hematite can either have a reddish-brown pigment or a black or charcoal color. It is actually a mineral rather than a crystal, but it still holds healing properties. The dark stone is both grounding and balancing, which is important in clearing a stressed and overwhelmed mind. Hematite shouldn’t be confused with its human-made cousin. The two look similar, but magnetic, human-made hematite holds different qualities. If you’re in need of mental balancing, opt for the nature-made hematite.

8. Black Tourmaline

The final stone is another black, protective crystal used to absorb negative energy. The black tourmaline opens a passage for positive energy to enter, allowing you to be surrounded by serenity and clarity. This stone is also known for boosting the immune system. In times of stress and anxiety, the immune system is weak, so black tourmaline works to detox the body and the mind.

Once again, healing crystals only actually work if you believe. Your own energies and your own desire to heal play in role in how powerful the effects of the crystals are. For starters, I recommend washing your new crystals with warm water to cleanse them of anyone else’s energy. In stores, stones are on display for everyone to see and touch, so you need to make sure other people’s energies aren’t on your crystals. Just as you would program a brand new phone by syncing your contacts and rearranging your apps, you need to sync your crystals to your lifestyle.

Crystals should also be placed on your nightstand or dresser. Your bed is your safe-haven. It’s where you start your days and end them; therefore, you should surround it with positive thoughts and feelings. You can also place crystals on a windowsill or hanging in an entryway because those are areas where energy is flowing. The crystals act as a barrier against negativity, which will allow you to enter a room without worrying about stress and anxiety following close behind. If you carry around crystals, keep them in a small, cloth bag. You can even wear your crystals in the form of jewelry. For more information, check out Energy Muse and other related websites that give detailed accounts of what crystals can do for you. 

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