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3 Beautiful Formal Dresses under $50

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Coastal Carolina chapter.

Oh, formal season. The delicious food, fun photo shoots, expensive dresses…Wait, expensive dresses? As fun as the formal season is in college, the dresses us girls wear tend to be pretty pricey. Thankfully these 3 dresses will have you dropping all of the jaws without breaking the bank.

1. White and Nude Glitter Maxi Dress

Coming in at 43 dollars, this dress is the perfect balance between classy and sexy. With the perfect slit on the side and glistening pattern, you are sure to make all the heads turn in this one!

2. Mauve Pink Bodycon Dress

If you want a shorter option, go for this bodycon dress from Lulus. Sold for just 44 dollars, this dress is simple and super comfortable.

3. Wrap Cold Shoulder Mini Dress

This beautiful dress is 20 dollars! I repeat! 20 dollars! A happy medium between the previous options, this dress is both sexy and classy at the same time! 

Olivia Burke

Coastal Carolina '19

Olivia Burke is a college student, freelance writer, and campus correspondent at Coastal Carolina University. She has written about everything from Valentine's Day to political candidates. When she isn't studying or working on a new article, she is either eating fresh hibachi or catching up on This Is Us on Hulu.