3 Affordable Swimsuits for Summer

Summer is upon us which means swimsuit season is here. Finding a cute swimsuit is easy, but finding an affordable one? Not so much. Thankfully the sites these three swimsuits are from have a very wide selection of affordable swimsuits that are super stylish!

  1. 1. The Classic One Piece

    Good old target, coming in with the classic one pieces. This one piece is very bay watch but with more coverage and the straps in the back for a nice touch. 
  2. 2. The High Waisted Bikini

    The swimsuits by CupShe fit so well! This one, in particular, is so well made, cute, and fits like a glove!
  3. 3. The Off The Shoulder Bikini

    Off the shoulder is so in right now. So, to be able to partake in this trend without breaking the bank is amazing!