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Zodiac Signs as Ariana Grande Music Videos

Astrology can serve as a complex explanation of human personalities and behaviors, but it can also be a fun mechanism to learn more about oneself.

Recently, astrology has become popularized through social media outlets like Instagram and Twitter. Ariana Grande has also been soaring in fame due to her activism on social media, so (regardless of being a ~super fan~) I figured combining the two could be amusing…

Which Ariana Grande music video are you based on your Zodiac sign?

Aries: “7 Rings”  — Eager, dynamic, quick, competitive.

Taurus: “God is a Woman” — Strong, dependable, sensual, creative.

Gemini: “Thank U, Next” — Versatile, expressive, curious, kind.

Cancer: “One Last Time” — Intuitive, sentimental, compassionate, protective.

Leo: “Bang Bang” — Dramatic, outgoing, fiery, self-assured.

Virgo: “Let Me Love You” — Practical, loyal, gentle, analytical.

Libra: “Baby I” — Social, fair, dedicated, gracious.

Scorpio: “Dangerous Woman” — Passionate, brave, resourceful, ambitious.

Sagittarius: “Side to Side” — Extroverted, optimistic, funny, generous.

Capricorn: “Love Me Harder” — Serious, independent, disciplined, sincere.

Aquarius: “Breathin” — Deep, imaginative, original, uncompromising.

Pisces: “No Tears Left to Cry” — Affectionate, empathetic, wise, artistic.

Do you feel like the music video represents your zodiac sign well? What are your opinions on Ariana Grande? Talk to your friends about it!

Lauren is from Richmond, Virginia. She is majoring in English and planning to pursue a Masters degree in education. She can usually be found reading, volunteering, lifting weights, and/or jamming out to Ariana Grande.
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