You're Not Helping

Dear President Trump,

Hello, concerned citizen here. I don’t know how I would be as a president. Would I be strict and resilient? Would I ooze charisma even in the face of disaster? Would I falter under the weight of the country? Probably. Yet, at least I would know my place. I am not a doctor, nor would I ever try to seriously give anyone medical advice that I would ever expect them to follow. If this was happening while I was president, I would say to the experts, here is center stage. Take it away from me. But no, that is not what you decided to do. I consider myself to be pretty narcissistic and selfish, but dear lord, you have outmatched me sir. And that’s the thing that bothers me the most. It’s all about you, about what you have done, what your administration has done. You have done nothing but stoke fear and uneasiness. You have done nothing but disregard the advice of medical professionals and endanger people all around this country. Honestly, if you had just said, "listen we are not closing and that’s that," I would have respected you more than this charade of listening to the professionals and then tweeting the opposite the next day. At least have the decency and self-respect to stick to your ill fated plans instead of switching your opinion every time the tide turns. Honestly, it is disgraceful. You are a teeny tiny man. You have such a small moral ground to tread on, it is a wonder you have not fallen further. Before, you put the country in potential danger with your careless words but now it is immediate and real. For the love of God, think before you speak (or tweet). Think and listen to those around you. We have already established my own selfishness, but I also unfortunately relate with you on another fault, stubbornness. I do not want to be told what to do, in fact, then I want to do the opposite. But I am not running a country. I am not surrounded by issues that I do not understand with experts who do understand giving me advice that is blatantly ignored. Maybe at the end of all this, it will come out that you were indeed the hero, but how could it? You have never stayed with one plan of action, one frame of mind for more than a day. How could you ever come out the winner in all of this when you are a spineless, easily manipulated, narcissistic moron? Ah, it feels good to let all that frustration out, even if you never read this. I don’t know how I would be as president in this crisis, but I do know one thing; you, Mr. President, are not helping.

World closed sign Edwin Hooper