Why Studying for Finals is Like Jane the Virgin

I don't know how it's taken my extremely dramatic, extremely hispanic self years to watch this show, but Jane the Virgin is my new love. I adore the combination of so many different characters. We're so close to finals and I can't help but compare finals week... to a freakin' telenovela. Here's a few ways finals week is just like the CW's Jane the Virgin.

  1. 1. The Drama

    There is always some hot drama during finals week. Did that professor actually print what was on the study guide?? Will I be able to cram 16 weeks of information in one night of studying??? Tune in tomorrow to find out if my GPA dropped!

  2. 2. SLEEP

    Towards the beginning of the show, Jane is, like, super pregnant. With that, comes a lot of people telling her to rest and sleep! Surround yourself with people throughout this week that will get you to rest!

  3. 3. The Crying

    Pregnancy hormones + hispanic + telenovela levels of drama = a whole lot of crying... 

    College student + lack of sleep + too many words and no time = a whole lot of crying... 

    See the similarities?

  4. 4. The Narrator

    Does anyone else have a narrator describing their finals week? I think it's a combination of lack-of-sleep delirium and your inner voice trying to remind you that it's important to eat...

  5. 5. Celebrating When It's Finally Over

    There's no better feeling than thowing down your last final, and doing a little dance on your way out of the building. What does your "I finished finals" dance look like? Mine looks a little like this...

Stay hydrated, eat something, and crush those finals!!