Why 2016 Was A Sh*tshow

The general consensus from this sh*t year has been that 2016 was terrible for everyone (except maybe Donald Trump). Some of you may have forgotten all the things that made 2016 so crummy. Here's an article all about the sh*t that went down this year.

1) North Korean Tom Foolery

At the start of this year, North Korea decided to give the United Nations trouble and did insane nuclear weapon testing that had every country on edge. The country is already secretive and cult-like as it is. We really cannot afford for them to have nuclear weapons at this point.

2) Terrorist attacks in Europe

Too much tragedy hit the lovely continent of Europe this past year. Many died, many suffered, and many feared that Europe would no longer be a safe place for locals and refugees from the war on terrorism. We send our love to our European friends, and hope we will suffer less tragedy this coming year.


Britain made an exit called Brexit this year, leaving the European Union by taking a nationwide vote. While some people are very excited to split from the European Union, others are concerned that the economy will crash and trade will become increasingly difficult. Regardless, it's brought a lot of worldwide interest and stress all around.

4) David Bowie Died

Inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame, David Bowie is no doubt a musical legend, especially for his work during the 1970s. After a long battle with liver cancer, he died on January 10th, 2016. Two days after his birthday. Since then he's been featured on other artists' tours, given tributes, and has been remembered well but with a heavy heart this past year.

5) 2016 US Presidential Election

This election was essentially between a huge douche and a giant turd, and we all suffered so much emotionally from this sh*tshow. We were the laughing stock of the entire United Nations, had so much fear and hate struck into a very divided nation, and now are in this strange purgatory state of waiting to see what happens next. Let's pick better candidates next time, shall we?

6) Alan Rickman Died

The man who brought Severus Snape to the stage found himself at a not so magical end this January, not too far behind David Bowie. In August, Alan Rickman developed pancreatic cancer and concealed it from the public until his untimely death on January 14th, 2016. Since his passing, the world has mourned the loss of not only an inspirational wizard, but a truly inspirational actor and friend. He will be missed by Potterheads and non Potterfans alike.

7) RIP Harambe

Our beloved Harambe was shot down this year. Is his death the most upsetting, or the meme that followed? The world may never know, but his death definitely followed us from start to finish of this very long, very sad year. RIP Harambe.

8) Police Brutality

Regardless of your position on this issue, Police Brutality has completely taken over our news outlets, our school conversations, and our homebound fear. The black community and friends alike have worked tirelessly this year to end the brutality found present in our country, but everyday a new story pops up of an innocent being gunned down, or a terrible misunderstanding taking place. We can only hope that the justice system of our country improves this next school year, and that we can end gun violence in our nation.

9) Disney Gator Attack

In the most magical place on earth, a very terrible thing occured this past year. A parent and their young toddler were at Disney, walking by a lake and the child was bitten and dragged into the water by a nearby Gator. The child died, and the entire world was appauled by what happened to such an innocent soul in a place supposedly considered the kingdom for magic. 

10) Vine Died

Vine. Died. Literally done.