What's The Point In Having A Big?

For those of you who are not familiar with the fraternity/sorority system, brothers and sisters are often given "Bigs". They in turn become "Littles". This stands for Big Sister/Brother or Little Sister/Brother, and is probably one of the most talked about (and coveted) aspects of joining a greek organization. But why is it such a big deal? Especially when you might be completely different people? Well, allow me to offer an explaination.

Bigs are your mentors.

As an incoming member of your organization, you're going to need some guidance. Unfortunately your new member mom/dad cannot guide each and every one of you constantly. She/he needs help. That's where a Big comes in. They're your guides, your navigators through greek life, the ones you ask questions that you don't feel comfortable asking othere people. She/he is the one who has made in their priority to make you feel more welcomed and accustomed to your organization and its various customs and rituals. Not to mention they set the example of what kind of sister/brother you should strive to be. Bigs do their best to be the best influence they can be on you, and you end up basing a lot of your own behavior on theirs. They play a huge role in who you become during your time in greek life.

Bigs are your advocates.

If you haven't been in an organization very long, odds are the person who will know you best in your Big. She/he will have probably spent the most time with you (or the most time stalking you *COUGH COUGH*) and has the best ability to testify for you. Maybe you want to run for a position but need someone to speak for you/nominate you. Perhaps you want to get connected with your advisors or officers and aren't sure how to do that. Or, in a worst case scenario, maybe you're called into a standards meeting and need someone to testify about your character. Regardless, your Big is going to be there for you. 

Bigs are (ideally) your source of unconditional love.

Obviously not all pairings work out, but in theory a Big is suppose to be someone who just automatically loves you or at least respects you. Your given bond has made her/him your number one fan, whether they know it yet or not. They're the person who you go to talk to when other sisters/brothers are stressing you tf out. She/he is the one who wants to see you succeed in the organization more than anyone else. They're also the ones who will tell you it's okay and that they'll be there for you if you end up on Academic Probation or dont get the officer position you wanted. They love you, and that love can either turn into a mutual respect from afar, or an unbreakable bond like my Big Sister and I. 

Ultimately, the bond between one person and another cannot be determined by a title of an organization that you have to pay to be in. It's not that simple. But normally you are paired for a reason, and more times than naught, you've given the big sister/brother or little sister/brother that will be in your wedding, who you won't lose contact with over the years, who you are going to love more than yourself. These bonds are truly special, not just because they can be powerful but also because they can come in so many different forms. A Big is there for you when you need a person, there for you when you need an example, and is there for you when you need help.


To my Big Sister:

Thank you for loving me, for sharing my goofy passions and quirks, and for welcoming into your life with open arms. Thank you for letting me cry in your bed when my heart was broken into a million pieces. Thank you for teaching me how to properly cook spaghetti noodles because I have no idea how to function like a normal adult. Thank you for reblogging all of my personal posts on tumblr. And thank you for being my person. I adore you, Biggie <>.

xoxo, Little <>