What I Wish I Knew Before I Went Through Recruitment

Christopher Newport University’s Panhellenic organizations are getting ready for recruitment this upcoming spring semester, and it can definitely be an overwhelming time for freshmen women conflicted about whether or not they should go greek. 

I can’t tell you that you should definitely go greek, because why lie? Greek isn’t for everyone, and that is totally okay! But if you are bordering on being interested, I’m here to tell you that you’re not the only one. I was totally conflicted going through recruitment. No one in my family had ever gone greek, so I didn’t really know what I was signing myself up for, I just knew I needed a family on campus and I wasn’t getting that same level of connection through my other involvements. 


There are a thousand reasons to go through recruitment, joining a family type environment and pursuing leadership skills and opportunities among the most popular of those thousand reasons. But sisterhood is so much more than that. Sisterhood is something that runs so much deeper than letters you wear on your chest or who sits in the seat next to you in your stats class. Sisterhood is a bond you make and an oath you take to supporting other like minded women and loving them like your own. In a world where women are constantly pitted against one another, women should be lifting other women up, and a sorority gives you a perfect environment to begin practicing lifting these women up and feeling lifted up. 


With that said, it’s really not as cult-y as it seems. Sure, these organizations date back thousands of years, and some of the traditions can be a little intimidating, but everything really is put in place with the best intentions for the sisters and the chapter. Being open minded and receptive to the organization and your own greek experience instead of going in with expectations can help you to get the most possible out of the organizations instead of winding up in a place you hesitate to call home. 

In general, recruitment can be overwhelming. There’s chanting, there’s crying, there’s hundreds of sisters all talking! Just! Like! This! At you, and not to mention you do that SEVEN TIMES on the first day. It really is a testament to your ability to socialize, but keeping in mind the bond that you could form with these strong, empowered women and the values that the organization prides themselves on will power you right through those rounds. And sometimes, on the last day, you have absolutely no idea where or even if you’ll run home. But going through it is an experience that could change your life forever and give you your future bridesmaids, best friends, and confidants. So why not give it a try?