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Understanding an INTP

Understanding an INTP

What is an INTP (Introvert, INtuitive, Thinker, Perceiving)?

They’re the “Logicians” and named that rightfully so. They’re inventive, creative, and very intellectual. This combo gives them a pride about them that is a major definer of the INTP. Here’s your breakdown.

INTPs like to overanalyze things and enjoy picking out the patterns life brings them until they’ve hit their limit. They tend to share incomplete thoughts, and they are constantly evolving and developing their own opinions as they take in more new information. Some people see this as unreliable, but INTPs are actually very good problem solvers. However, when it comes to matters of emotion and the heart, avoid this Thinker type. Sometimes they just won’t understand why you’re so emotionally unstable, because they look at the world through logical terms.

INTPs have a lot of ideas in their heads, sometimes incoherent thoughts. When they’re around friends, they’ll happily share and enjoy witty bander and exploration of thought. However, when approached by unfamiliar faces they tend to become more reserved in fear of getting into an intellectual argument, or embarrassing themselves.

INTP Compatibility:

  • ENTJs (Extrovert, INtuitive, Thinker, Judgement) “The Commander”
  • ENFJs (Extrovert, INtuitive, Feeler, Judgement) “The Protagonist”

INTP Career Paths:

INTPs are most commonly found as…

  • Web Developer, Computer Scientist, Engineer, Ciochemist, Geoscientist, Historian, Medical Scientist, Political Scientist, Psychologist, Survey Researcher, Zoologist, Physician, Accountant, Lawyer, Business Analyst, Graphic Designer, Technical Writer, Editor, Composer, Professor, Animator

INTPs You May Know:

Historical Figures: Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Immanuel Kant, John Locke, James Madison, Rene Descartes, Paul Allen, Jane Austen

Famous INTPs: Jesse Eisenberg, Tina Fey, Ben Stein

Fictional INTPs: Professor Oak, Shikamaru Nara, L, Luna Lovegood, Lord Varys, Neo, Leslie Winkle

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