Two Geminis, One Relationship

First, let us introduce ourselves. Both of us are obsessed with astrology, and we are true the embodiment of gemini twins... but relationship style. Here are some of the reasons why our gemini relationship works so well.

  1. 1. Communication

    Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. We never run out of things to talk about, which makes for extremely enjoyable dates and time spent together.

  2. 2. Life of the party

    Known for always being down to party, us geminis are always on the same wavelength about locating the fun wherever we are!

  3. 3. Adaptability

    Geminis are extremely adaptable individuals. This has helped us greatly in finding ways to make time for our relationship in our busy school schedules.

  4. 4. Endless laughter

    Since we share the same sun sign, we end up sharing the same sense of humor. The jokes are nonstop with us, and we have more inside jokes than we can count.

  5. 5. Independence

    Geminis are known for being idependent and valuing freedom. Our relationship works so well partly because we have boundaries set in place to ensure that we have adequate time to thrive on our own.

What are you and your partner's zodiac signs? Let us know!