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TV Shows and Movies I’d Like to See Remade/Rebooted

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Most people absolutely hate reboots because they ruin the quality of the original. However, in my opinion there are some classics or even underground oldies that are in dire need of a modern update.

Whatever happened to baby jane

This one is a 1962 black and white psychological thriller. It follows two sisters, one of whom is a washed-up child actress and the other is bedridden after an accident. As the psyche of the former begins to unravel, dark secrets finally come out of the closet for both of them. I believe anything done in black and white deserves a chance to be redone in color.


This title sounds exactly like what you may think. In fact, the term gaslighting comes directly from this movie. Gaslight is a 1944 black and white film that tells the story about a wife who believes the gaslights in her house are flickering and she hears unusual noises. Her husband constantly denies her pleas which quickly leads her to a downward spiral of insanity. This film might be really hard to modernize (since people don’t have gaslights in their houses) but nonetheless a true creative mind could handle the task nicely.

Phineas & Ferb

This one might be a stretch, but it would be an interesting project to see. Phineas and Ferb but in live action! It would be fun to see who they would cast for those roles. I wonder genuinely how they would tackle their grandeur projects in a non-animated fashion. Plus, if they could somehow make Perry the Platypus look realistic (even with some CGI help), it would be an intriguing feat to witness.

Foster’s Home For imaginary Friends

This was a classic cartoon I always loved as a child. Now that I’m much older, I would like to see how animators handle the fun kooky cast of imaginary friends now that times have changed. For those who don’t know, Foster’s is a show about a home for imaginary friends once the kids who created them get too old to play with them. I think there are many newer modern ideas that could be applied to this show to give it a refreshing touch.

Danny Phantom

I miss ghost boy so much! For this show to have only had 3 seasons is actually a crime. Danny Phantom follows the adventures of half-human/half-ghost Danny Fenton as he balances fighting the supernatural and even worst… High School. I would give one of my vital organs to see this show revived. There are literally no more words I can think of to express how much I would love to see more episodes and new adventures for this show!

Baby Daddy

I need to see more of baby Emma! Baby Daddy is about Ben Wheeler suddenly becoming a single father to his daughter, Emma. *Nothing happened to the mom btw. She just sucks.* The show ended with too many happy loose ends. All the characters are given happy endings, but I want to see more adventures from their newfound blessings. Plus, Emma is the cutest baby ever and I would have loved to see her grow up over the course of the show.

The Breakfast Club

If you haven’t seen this 1985 classic, stop reading and go watch it right now! For the film to be so simplistic, it builds heavily on the funny cast of characters who navigate a day of detention together. I think after nearly forty years, The Breakfast Club needs a modern update. Whether they want to include the technological advances of the current times or even just have a new cast that follows a similar plot, I think it’s about time to revisit the misadventures in detention.

Finding Carter

This amazing drama was cancelled after only 2 seasons. It tells the story of Carter Stevens, who discovers she was kidnapped at 4 years old. It follows her readjustment to her original family as she tries to find her new self. This show was great, and I was devastated when it got cancelled. Too many cliffhangers and unanswered questions were left behind. If there’s any TV show I would demand a reboot of, Finding Carter would definitely be at the top of the list.

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