Top Fast Food Places for Vegetarians

One of the biggest difficulties as a vegetarian are road trips. Most sit down places will have quite a few options for vegetarians but for fast food, the options are significantly less. Most places will have a chicken salad of sorts that can be ordered sans chicken, though this typically turns the dish into a bed of lettuce with a few sad tomatoes thrown in. There are some places, however, that have some great options for vegetarians.

  1. 1. Chipotle

    Okay--yes, this is not necessarily fast food but it’s cheap, easy and delicious. I typically order the veggie option since you get free guacamole with it. Chipotle also has a great dietary restrictions chart that includes what is vegan/vegetarian on their menu. Many of my friends, whether vegetarian or not, enjoy the sofritas option as well, though this does not come with free guacamole. The endless options at Chipotle make it a great choice for vegetarians. 

  2. 2. Burger King

    Maybe since Burger King isn’t the “King” in the meat burger market it has decided to become the premier in vegetarian burger options. Not only do most locations offer a classic veggie burger option, they also now include a partnership with the Impossible Burger for another veggie option. They even have a separate grill, if requested, for these options.

  3. 3. Subway

    Again, not completely a fast food option, but it is cheap and typically fast. Subway offers a veggie patty option, a vegetable sub option and a few other wraps. Like chipotle, Subway offers various options on their sandwich making line. This allows for vegetarians to be able to see exactly what’s in each meal and to easily customize what is in their sandwiches. I typically order the veggie delight sandwich toasted with provolone cheese and a whole host of veggies on top. They also offer chips and cookies which are, of course, meat-free.

  4. 4. Taco Bell

    Taco Bell’s menu is extensive, to say the least. Throughout the menu, there are several vegetarian options. Most of the items come in a solely bean, cheese and rice variety whether it be burritos, tacos or quesadillas. It even has its own separate menu, at least on it’s website, where it singles out exactly which items are vegetarian. Taco Bell is probably the place with the largest variety of options of all the restaurants listed here.

  5. 5. Pretty Much Any Pizza Place

    Ok, so I cheated again. Pizza isn’t really fast food, but it is readily available and one of the most vegetarian friendly options. Every pizza place has a solid cheese option and most will have at least one other veggie option. It’s quick, easy and usually pretty cheap.

As you can see, you have options. Of course I wish there were more, but this is my list. Maybe instead of just zooming through a drive-thru and spilling your food all over your lap as you drive, take time to find a nice spot and have a meal. If that’s not your jam, however, above are my suggestions for fast(ish) food options for vegetarians. Until other companies (looking at you beef-fat-in-fries-McDonalds) start offering more options to vegetarians, these are some great choices to select from.