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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CNU chapter.

Do you want to know how makeup artists always get the perfect line for their winged eyeliner? Want to know how to get false lashes without actually needing false lashes? These makeup hacks are simple but effective, and will be sure to change the way you’ve always looked at makeup. You’ll be wondering why you didn’t know about them sooner. 

1. Use a card or some straight edge to always get the perfect eyeliner.

2. Outline your lips with lipstick first before filling it in to get fierce definition.

3. If you want the look of false lashes without actually needing false lashes, use a q-tip to apply baby powder to your lashes in between mascara applications.

4. Apply concealer in a triangle under your eyes to better cover dark circles.

5. Tightline your upper waterline for a fuller look and to eliminate white space under your lash line.