Three Things I've Missed From Home

Life here at CNU has been amazing. I have a great group of friends, my classes are good (besides that hike to the Ferg), and let's not forget the late night pizza and Wendy's runs. Yet, besides all the great things CNU has, there are three things that I desperately miss from home.

1. My Bed

At home, I have a nice queen bed on a normal level. Here, I am stuck on the lofted bed (AKA the devil bed). Climbing up to get to my bed is not something I like to do, but it is something I have to do. Once I get up on my bed, I normally do not come back down because it’s scary, and I honestly don’t trust the ladder. Another annoying thing about my lofted bed is that heat rises, and I am almost always hot. This is the one reason I am excited for winter. I miss my bed and having the ability to stretch out all over the place. Thanksgiving break, I am extremely excited for you.

2. No headphones

Netflix with headphones vs Netflix without headphones. Which is better? Without headphones, obviously. It honestly doesn’t even have to be Netflix--sometimes even with music. Listening to stuff without headphones is such a luxury when I’m home. Now at school, whenever I want to watch Riverdale, headphones are needed.

3. Breakfast

This is probably the number one thing I miss to be honest because the breakfast here is not necessarily my favorite. I don’t even go; I instead eat those to-go cereal bowls, oatmeal, and poptarts (gotta love the poptarts). I miss the fact that I can’t have grits, like my dad’s grits, or even me cooking them. Then pancakes, oh how I miss pancakes. I just miss breakfast in general. My mom already told me that when I get home we are having grits and turkey bacon (bless).

What are some things you missed from home your freshman year besides friends and family?

Let me know in the comments.