Three Easy Ways to be Sustainable

In this day and age, being sustainable is a popular subject on people's minds. But a lot of people don't know where to start and the process can be overwhelming. So with this article I hope to alleviate some of that overwhelmingness and give three easy ways to be start being sustanaible!

  1. 1. Use A Reusable Water Bottle

    I know, this seems easy and it is! Rather than purchasing water bottles at Harris Teeter or any other major grocery store buy a reusable water bottle. There are a bunch of different brands, styles, colors, and shapes of reusable water bottles for people to get. I personally use a hydroflask, which come in different volume sizes and colors! Also, you can decorate reusable water bottles with stickers which adds a super personalized touch!

  2. 2. No Littering

    I know this seems like a, "Duh" one, but it's a super easy one to forget doing. We've all been there-you're out and about, can't find a trash can or recycling bin and then just...leave your trash. Littering is super harmful to the environment especially if it's something that can't degrade well. 

  3. 3. Practice the 3R's 

    If you don't remember the three R's, or for some reason were never taught them, I'll inform you now: Reduce, reuse, and recycle. This is super simple as all you have to do is be conscious about how much you're using of the world and how much you're giving back. For anything that you see that can be reusable rather than be single-use, try to use it!

I hope these very short tips helped you if you're looking to be sustainable. These steps are a great way of trying to become sustainable and practice sustainability.