Ten Perils of International Travel

The world is a huge place. It's full of exciting new things: food to try, monuments to see, and cultures to appreciate. But, like any endeavor, there are some things to be aware of. Here are ten perils of international travel:

1. International currency.

Euros are pretty and colorful, but it's weird to have some coins in your hand that are worth five euros. It's really pretty though; America should take note and release colorful money.  

2. Elevators.

The ground floor is 0. Weird as heck. 

3. Crosswalks.

They don't exist. Well, I mean, they exist, but they're just a suggestion. Cross the street where ever and when ever you want... which leads us to our next point. 

4. Cars.

People just go across the street and don't check for cars. If you stop for oncoming traffic, then they know you're not local. Don't show any fear!

5. Outlets.

European and US adaptors are pretty easy to come by, but they're clunky.

6. Cobblestones.

They're beautiful, but make walking a little dangerous. These are serious cobblestones, too, like ones that have been there for hundreds of years. 

7. Metric system.

I acknowledge that this is probably America's fault, but it's a tad disconcerting when you see that your taxi is going (what you think is) one hundred miles an hour. 

8. Time change.

When I traveled recently, I was eight hours ahead. This made calling home difficult, and it's also quite an adjustment to make when you come home. 

9. Documents.

I lived in constant fear that I lost my passport. It was locked in the hotel safe, but still. 

10. You won't see everything you want to.

You could stay in a country as long as you wanted to, and there would always be more things to do and places to see. Resign yourself to this, and plan another trip!