Stocking Stuffer Ideas

It is that time of year everyone: the time of love, laughter, family time. I am talking about the holiday season. To start this holiday season I thought I would give some stocking stuffer ideas. So without further ado…

  1. 1. Hand sanitizer and small lotions

  2. 2. Giftcards

    food, shopping, etc

  3. 3. Candy

    Candy bowl

    5 & below normally has movie theater box candy

  4. 4. Nail Polish

    Pink nail polish
  5. 5. Face Masks

     I feel like that is acceptable this year

  6. 6. Socks

    Anna Schultz-Socks And Laptop In Bed

    Whether that be fluffy socks, dress socks, cute socks, or just plain white socks. 

  7. 7. Small Candles

    Christmas cookies is one of my favorites scents 

  8. 8. A deck of Cards

    maybe it’s time to learn a new card game or learn a classic like Solitare

  9. 9. Coffee Tumblr or Water Bottle

  10. 10. Hair ties or scrunchies

    Ways To Wear Scrunchies R1
  11. 11. Gloves/mittens

Alrighty, so those are some stocking stuffer ideas for this holiday season. Happy Holidays, until next time.