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A Rainy Saturday Before Finals as Told by CNU’s Yik Yak Users

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CNU chapter.

‘Twas a rainy Saturday before finals, and all through campus nothing but rain falling and pages flipping could be heard. But CNU’s Yik Yak users made sure to share how their day was going.

Like this user dropping some *serious* wisdom on us all. 

Or this quiet hours monitor who had some issues with the weather. 


No comment.

The weather was quite a subject of concern.

Finals = stress. 

It’s been hard staying away from the beach.

But studying itself is the real struggle. 

Best to end on a postitive note, right?


Note: Her Campus CNU does not endorse Yik Yak.

Lee Martin is a 20-year-old junior at Christopher Newport University majoring in Communication Studies with minors in Leadership and Women's & Gender Studies. She co-founded CNU's chapter of Her Campus and currently serves as Co-Campus Correspondent/Editor-in Chief, as well as a Chapter Advisor to five other campuses. As a journalist, she has written for The Oyster Pointer, The Winchester Star, and worked with National Student Leadership Conference's Journalism, Film & Media Arts program. When not writing, you can find her binging on chocolate and coffee while laughing at Parks and Rec or The Office. If you must read her silly musings, follow her on Twitter at @loveleeforlife