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RA Profile: Madison Tilo

NAME: Madison Tilo

YEAR: Sophomore

MAJOR: Biochemistry

CAMPUS INVOLVEMENT: Secretary of Hypnotic Control, Undergraduate Research, Residence Life

Why was CNU the best fit for you? “CNU was the best fit because it was small enough for me to get really involved, and I could see myself making an impact here while also enjoying my time and experiencing new things. Since I have been here, I have found a great home and have met some people that I know are going to be kept in my life.”  

What drew you to be an RA? “I really enjoyed my hall mates my freshman year, and I think I saw myself being good at connecting to people and talking to them. I enjoy meeting people as well as bringing people together, so I figured being an RA would be a great opportunity to do both of those things. I wanted to be able to be a listening ear for people who wanted or needed one.”

What is the hardest part of being an RA? “The hardest part is probably the self discipline that I have had to learn. Being an RA is a job but I see it as a job that has a lot of creative freedom to it. That being said, there are times where you really have to dedicate yourself to your residents and make time to get to know the people that you are living with and around. I have enjoyed learning a new life skill as well as taking on the challenge of time management.”

What Is your favorite part of being an RA? “I honestly love the people that I have gotten to know. My staff is awesome, and I think I have received an amazing opportunity to get involved on campus through both my residents and staff members. Even just sitting at the desk, I see so many people and have made some real connections.”

Where might someone find you if you’re not in class? “I am always walking around somewhere, but my go-to spot has recently been off in the library. My two favorite spots are either in Einstein’s or I love to sit on the marble benches next to the stairs.”

Describe your perfect date!  “My perfect date would be something where I can have a good time and talk to whoever I am with. I’m a believer in being friends with someone before I date them, so maybe mini golfing? I am a big putt-putt fan. I’ve only been once in my life, but I am hooked. It wouldn’t be awkward because we have something to do, and it opens up opportunity for good conversation. Afterwards I would probably want french fries and ice cream. It would be casual, fun, and easy.”

What are you looking forward to most in the coming semester? “I am just really looking forward to Signing Day and another semester here! I get to the halfway point of my time here at CNU, and I am thinking of picking up a minor, so I get to figure all of that sorted. It is all just another step toward the future. I am also really excited for Unleash the Talent, an event that Hypnotic Control helps to put on and performs in!”

Where is the coolest place you have travelled and lived? “When I was in fifth and sixth grade, my family got stationed in Kuwait, a country in the Middle East. It was such an amazingly wonderful culture shock. I was submersed in somewhere that is completely different than the U.S. For my thirteenth birthday I went and ate lunch in the Kuwait towers, I was able to celebrate liberation day for the country where it was like a gigantic party everywhere, and I remember living in a large marble house with four floors and a spiral staircase that went right up the center. We lived there for a year before we moved to a smaller home that had a warmer feel to it. I would love to live in another country for a little while just to experience another culture again.”

College Student who loves food, travel, and all things Game of Thrones!
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