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Name: Ashley McHenry

Year: Freshman

Major: Psych & Theater

Involvement: Initiative Student Theater’s Page-to-Stage at The Kennedy Center and Oresteia, The Improvacators, Dr. Lee’s Research Lab

(Picture from Initiative Student Theater Page-to-Stage Event)

Ashley is one of our fantastic new members who is the first to be featured in our New Member Profile Series! 

Why did you choose CNU? “When I walked on campus, my mom and I consistently had these looks at each other and I knew that I belonged here. My favorite color is blue. It’s a really comfortable environment, and I’m moderately an introvert so I knew I didn’t want to go to a big school.”

(PC: Aree Coltharp)

How has your transition been so far? “Objectively, I’m fine – I’m getting all A’s, involved in things that I enjoy and want to be in, & I’m getting amazing opportunities –  but personally/emotionally it’s a bit more rocky. [College] is a completely different experience, but no matter what I’m still proud and excited for my future at CNU.”

What are you most excited to do at CNU? “Definitely [Dr. Lee’s] research lab! I’ll get to be completely submerged in Psychology – I’d never taken a Psych class before coming here – and I finally get to educate myself on what I want to do as a profession.”

Why were you interested in Her Campus? “I enjoyed the foresight of opportunity; I’ve [always] really liked writing and wanted to get to learn technical photography – this gives me the opportunity to do so! There’s also a lot of support. Women are pinned against each other often, and it’s not okay. HC, sororities, and all-female comedy groups help to combat that.”

What’s something not many people know about you?  *chuckles quietly* “I kind of write poetry for myself; writing poetry, journaling, etc.”

(PC: Aree Coltharp)

Do you have siblings? What’s your funniest story with them? “[I have] a younger sister; she’s 16, and she lives in VA Beach with my mom. She’s in marching band at Bayside – she’s a constant inspiration because of her bubbly personality. She genuinely wants to take care of people, does a lot of stuff for us… She’s a good soul and going to go so far.

I drove her to school (she was a freshman), it was snowing and because I was stupid and obnoxious as a senior I didn’t realize that I didn’t have a ton of gas in my car and we were late to school because my car ran out of gas and we got to talk and she wasn’t mad or anything like that, which was nice. That’s an admirable quality [she has].”

If you had to pick a favorite quote, what is it and why? “‘Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.’ No idea who it’s from, but it has helped through freshman year so far. I’m having this realization that everyone’s life is hard but that’s no reason why I can’t do things; I can still be successful – there’s people doing things everyday and you just kind of have to.”

Who was your role model growing up? “My mom & I have completely different views, but she’s the consistent person in my life and has been the person that I can go to with issues. She’s inspired me for how to live my life and helps me keep going. It’s nice to have her different perspective on life as well.”

Do you have any tattoos? “I don’t but I think I’m gonna get one soon; I’m gonna get an anchor. My dad’s in the navy, everything here is nautical… It all just fits together.”

What’s your Hogwarts House? How do you see those traits play out in your everyday actions? “Totally Slytherin [but also] Ravenclaw. I’ve never been really peppy, but it’s not a big deal to not be that way as long as I’m not mean.”

You can categorize Royall as either Leslie Knope when she has her color-coded binders: or Hyde whenever Jackie comes into a room before they start dating: There is no in-between.  Royall recently graduated with her B.A. in Sociology & Anthropology from CNU and now studies Government & International Relations at Regent University. She also serves as the Victim Advocate and Community Outreach Coordinator for Isle of Wight Co., VA in Victim Witness Services. Within Her Campus, she served as a Chapter Writer for CNU for one year, a Campus Expansion Assistant for a semester, Campus Correspondent for two years, and is in the middle of her second semester as a Chapter Advisor.  You can find her in the corner of a subway-tiled coffee shop somewhere, investigating identity experiences of members of Black Greek Letter Organizations at Primarily White Institutions as well as public perceptions of migrants and refugees. Or fantasizing about ziplining arcoss the French Alps. 
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