My Top 10 Male TV Crushes

Disclaimer: these are not ranked in order of who I love the most.  They all have a special place in my heart, and I have genuinely fallen in love with each of their characters and the actual actors.

1. Jamie Fraser (Outlander)

Played by Sam Heughan

To start off with, we have my beautiful Scottish Lord of Lallybroch, Jamie from Outlander.  I truly do not have the words to describe how amazing this man is. Dear God, that accent. He is the sweetest and most trustworthy man. His hair is full of beautiful ginger locks. Jamie is the Scottish man everyone needs in their lives. If you have not seen Outlander yet, please do. It’s so many genres combined into one: historical, science fiction, and romance. It's just hours of this beautiful man living his beautiful life. (Also Sam Heughan is a dear in real life. Follow him @samheughan on Instagram for weekly bicep pictures, ladies and gents. You're welcome.)

2. Damon & Stefan Salvatore (The Vampire Diaries)

Played by Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley

They are a package deal. I’m sorry, but just like Katherine, I can’t choose between them. I love them both so much, and their love for each other melts my heart.  They both deserve so much happiness and are my favorite problematic brothers. I apologize to both Stelena and Delena shippers because Stefan is my favorite from seasons 1-2 and the rest is Damon. They have been through so much together, and it is beautiful to see their relationship evolve through the show. They both have fantastic character arches from a writer's standpoint. (Ian’s Instagram is @iansomerhalder and Paul’s is @paulvedere.) (They are both adorable human beings.)

Honorable mention to Matt Donavan (Zach Roerig) from TVD… he has the kind of eyes you can lose yourself in - also the sweetest guy on the show BY FAR! The least problematic man that we all love and appreciate.

3. Dr. Spencer Reid (Criminal Minds)

Played by Matthew Gray Gubler

Spencer is the softest character on the planet.  He is so adorable and cuddly. Also an extreme dork, he has an eidetic memory which means he can basically retain memory from only a few seconds of exposure; he basically remembers everything and is an absolute genius.  He’s part of the F.B.I’s B.A.U (Behavioral Analysis Unit) and helps solve crimes by getting inside the mind of the criminal to save the day. I’m also just madly in love with the actor Matthew Gray Gubler; he’s even more precious than his character. Matthew is a very special man, and if you’re curious as to what I mean by that, please go check out his Instagram, @gublergram.  He is one of the strangest humans I have encountered and somehow that makes him all the more endearing.

4. Derek Morgan (also from Criminal Minds)

Played by Shemar Moore

I couldn’t possibly talk about Criminal Minds without mentioning my boy Derek Morgan. WHAT A MAN. He may seem like a tough guy on the outside, and he may be if you ever cross him, but with his closest friends, he is the sweetest little ray of sunshine. “BABY GIRL!” He melts my heart. He's truly the most loving and adorable man.  He looks like he just gives the best hugs. Also, the actor Shemar Moore used to be a model, so that explains why he's so ridiculously gorgeous. (@shemarfoore on IG)

5. Ben Tallmadge (Turn)

Played by Sam Seth Numrich

Ben Tallmadge is the patriotic, rebel spy of your dreams. He loves America so much and is fueled with so much passion to win the Revolutionary War.  He is such an upstanding, nice guy. Ben is extremely loyal and has a very kind loving soul beneath his uniform. He also loves George Washington so much, which, who doesn’t? Multiple times while watching the show, I just wanted to jump through the screen and rescue him because he deserves the world and so much more. Also, his eyes are such a deep blue, and his uniform really makes them stand out. If you love historical fiction,Turn is definitely the show for you. I found it to be fascinating learning all about Washington’s secret spies, and it gave me an even greater appreciation for the country we have today. (Sam doesn’t have an IG by the way. I know I’m just as sad as you are…)

6. Vince Howard (Friday Night Lights)

Played by Michael B. Jordan

Michael B. Jordan can do no wrong.  Once upon a time our king--well, mine--Erik Killmonger was just a sweet little boy living in Dylan, Texas playing football for East Dillon High School. The amount of love I have for Michael’s character in FNL is unmeasurable. My poor man goes through too much. He has to cope with a mother who’s struggling with drug problems and a father who is in jail. Vince basically has to take care of himself and his mother, which is not an easy task for a teenage boy to try and deal with. Amidst all of the chaos he has going on in his home life, he still manages to be one of the most loving and kind characters on the show. He handles everything with such maturity, and he remains as charming and beautiful as ever. Also, shout out to Michael B. Jordan for existing, please marry me. (IG @michaelbjordan, and if you aren’t following him yet, what are you doing with your life?)

7. Tim Riggins (also Friday Night Lights)

Played by Taylor Kitsch

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love this man. He is so pure. Did he make some mistakes? Yes. DOES HE HAVE GOOD INTENTIONS? YES! Anyone who says they don’t love Tim Riggins is a liar. This man is impossible to not fall in love with. Not only is Taylor Kitsch on of the most beautiful men I’ve ever seen, but he plays one of the most endearing characters that completely won over my heart. I will forever hold him in my heart. Clear eyes and full hearts, can't lose. (IG @taylorkitsch)

8. Tate Langdon (AHS)

Played by Evan Peters

Tate is my problematic love.  If you’ve ever watched American Horror Story's "Murder House", then you should understand why I debated putting Tate on this list.  For the sake of keeping things light hearted, I’m only going to focus on the reasons why I love Tate, Evan Peters, and every character he’s played on this show. Tate is the definition of a misunderstood teen who just wants love and affection. There are times where he’s so vulnerable and emotional, which makes you want to wrap him up in your arms and cuddle him until all his sadness goes away. If you haven't seen the show: (1) highly recommend and (2) Tate is a very sad, disturbed young boy who commits one of the most atrocious acts at his high school. While Tate has many highly problematic and concerning flaws, he is still a very interesting character that makes the audience sympathize with him.  Evan Peters is also just such a talented actor, and I absolutely adore him. (IG @evanpeters)

9. Jax Teller (Sons of Anarchy)

Played by Charlie Hunnam

Charlie Hunnam is such a stunning man, and I still can’t tell if I’m more attracted to his actual accent (fun fact: he’s English), or his American accent that he puts on for Jax Teller. This show is not in anyway a “heartthrob teen drama” with a very attractive male character in the lead. Actually, it is a very crude show about a ruthless biker gang called the Sons of Anarchy. While it is probably not the show for everyone reading this, I absolutely loved every minute of it. The writing is incredible, and the characters are very well developed, Jax especially. He has a pretty significant character arch throughout the show, and I grew to love him unconditionally despite all his flaws. Also, again, Charlie Hunnam is such a loveable, wonderful man. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have an IG, but if you watch the show, there are endless scenes of shirtlessness.

10. Dean Winchester (Supernatural)

Played by Jensen Ackles

This man never ceases to put a smile on my face. Dean Winchester is always my cure for a bad day. He is so charming and knows it, which should make him cocky, but it somehow makes me even more attracted to him? He has the most beautiful hazel eyes and has SO MUCH LOVE FOR HIS BROTHER SAMMY!  They both love each other so much, and have literally gone to hell and back for one another. Honestly, between the Salvatores and the Winchesters, I can’t tell which CW bothers are my favorite. Please, please, please follow Jensen on IG @jensenackles.  He just posts adorable pictures of him and his family. His little girls are too precious :)

Honorable mention to Jim Halpert (The Office)

Played by John Krasinski

How could I possibly make a male TV crushes list without including Jim from The Office. Jim is a funny man that we all deserve in our lives. Actually, we don’t deserve him. He is too good and pure for our corrupted souls.

Last Disclaimer: for the upcoming bonus round, I have to mention they were by no means good actors in this AT ALL, but I have to mention them because yes they were on a TV show and any chance I have to talk about them I will.  

Special Bonus: One Direction from iCarly (iCarly)

JUNGLE WORMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!