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Is My Sign Right? Speculations from a Leo

I am a Leo. This includes a myriad of characteristics such as confidence, extroversion, eccentricity, and brutal honesty. I personally do not identify with many Leo characteristics and have met many people that are surprised when I tell them my sign. I guess I’ll tell you why. 


Leos are typically seen as extremely outgoing and very exuberant. I find myself to be more laid back and drawn in. Also, who can be extremely extroverted all the time?

Overly Self-Confident

Listen, it may be my natural lack of self-esteem or my reluctance to utilize the phrase “fake it ‘til you make it,” but I do not have a high amount of self-confidence. Not to say that I am not confident, but I am not eccentric and my levels of confidence vary by day. 

Natural Leader

Once again, I have not yet found my role as a leader. I know I am more of a lead by example type, but other than that I cannot tell others what to do. People will like me or they won’t, but I do not seem to draw people towards me in that way. 


Here is the tea, y’all. I did not peak in high school so that is something. Popularity has never been my thing and I cannot relate to those who have that status. It appears to be a good time, but I guess that ties into exuberance and natural leadership.

Although my sign isn’t right for me, I encourage y’all to find out more about yours! 

Hey, I'm Taylor!
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