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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CNU chapter.

Here are my favorite tv shows and why you should be watching them, too!

Peaky Blinders

This show has everything: Cillian Murphy, Cillian Murphy and did I mention? Cillian Murphy. The man is a GOD. The show first begins shortly after WWI and follows the story of Thomas Shelby and his family as they begin their new lives in Birmingham, England. The show is like a British Sopranos meets the punk rock movement. It is first on this list because I highly recommend. All 5 seasons are streaming on Netflix now, but don’t get overwhelmed because there’s only 6 hour long episodes per season. 


Another Netflix hit. This limited series follows the life of King Louis XIV and the creation of his palace at Versailles. This show is like a Game of Thrones meets Downton Abbey. It’s full of mystery, romance and men in long ass curly wigs. The costumes and sets in the show are stunning. It has three seasons out currently with around 1 hour long episodes per season.

Big Mouth

I never had much luck with the adult animated cartoon genre. I could never get into Family Guy or the Simpsons, but I love Big Mouth. It follows a group of hormone ridden middle-schoolers as they go through the magical and awful journey of puberty together. This show is extremely raunchy and if you are not into animated genitalia, I suggest you click away. But if that is your thing (ok not your thing, but if you’re okay with it) then Big Mouth is a great show for you!


Yes, there is a trend of historical dramas on this list because I love them! Above all else, however, is Outlander. As an avid reader of the original book series, I can confirm the TV show does above and beyond with this beautiful story. The plot surrounds Claire, a WWII nurse, as she is thrust back in time and into the arms of 1745 Scottish Highlander named Jaime Fraser. The series has romance, battles and serious emotional turmoil. This show really is not just for history buffs, though, don’t let the “historical” in historical drama turn you off. It’s perfect for anyone in any century. The show initially premiered on Starz and that’s where all the seasons are, but you can now watch the first two seasons on Netflix. I assume more are to follow after, as well.


This show is not just for wannabe lawyers (though that may have been my way into the show.) It has much more than just legislative and corporate jargon that makes your head spin. It follows the story of Mike Ross, a genius twenty-something orphan who has made money taking the LSAT for other people. When he runs into Harvey Spector, premier corporate lawyer, the two make an unlikely legal team. Another highlight of the series is that you can watch Duchess Meghan Markle in her pre-royal life! It’s got a ton of drama, though the show fizzles towards it’s fourth season. I recommend stopping there as the 9 seasons have dragged. But the beginning is great! Check it out on Amazon Prime.

Even if they may not sound like your thing, I hope you give some of these shows a try. Happy watching!

Annie Silva is a Junior at Christopher Newport University. She is majoring in politics and on the pre-law track. In her free time, she enjoys hanging with friends, reading and cuddling her cat.