My 3 Favorite Beauty YouTubers

It's really no secret that I watch way too many YouTube videos. There's so much content, so many good videos, and you feel like you have to watch them all!! A few years ago, I got really into watching beauty YouTubers. They'd review products I'd want to try, and I got a lot of info and tips from watching their videos. Now that I've been subscribed to several channels for awhile, I thought I'd share some of my favorites.

1. Gothamista

I've recently been more into skincare over putting on makeup, and Renee's channel has changed the way I think about skincare. She goes so in-depth on products, skin-types, and ways to really care for and nourish your skin. If you can think of a problem, she has a skincare solution for it.

2. KathleenLights

I love Kathleen so much. She's so real, and she's honest about everything without being mean about it. She also knows that life is life, and she has a ton of natural, everyday looks on her channel. If you need inspo, or just just need a laugh, check her videos out!

3. IndiaBatson

I LOVE India. As a curly girl, I always need to see product reviews, and learn new tricks to keep my locks luscious. India is so sweet and really genuine. Along with beauty videos, she also does lifestyle videos. One of her recents, "How to Find a Sexy Man of God," is so real. She addresses topics people either don't think of, or don't want to talk about. 

Who are some of your favorite Beauty Gurus?? Let me know in the comments below!