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Hello everyone and welcome to 2022! I am hopeful, excited, nervous, and scared. So many things are happening in my life and so many decisions and uncertainties. In December, the thought of 2022 wasn’t fazing me, I was just enjoying my time at the moment. When I stepped out of my moment, I began to think of my hopes and goals for the next year. Some of my goals are a continuation from last year, not that I didn’t complete the goal, but some things are a work in progress. As I lay out my goals for this year, I hope you think about what you hope to accomplish or do in 2022. Maybe some of our goals will align, maybe they won’t, maybe I’ll give you an idea. Without further ado. 

Personal Goals 

-Eat more vegetables/balanced meals

-Prioritize appearance: I’m not saying I am ugly or anything like that. It is just so easy to put my hair in a bun and be done. I want to work on doing my hair more, trying to look more put together. When I feel put together I do better

-Go out more: kind of hard with COVID ramping up again, but I hope to do more things or activities. I don’t even have to go out, just different activities than what I normally do

-Read paperback books: I have been reading online for a very long time. This was a goal last year that I just didn’t do, so here it is again. I hope it gets accomplished

Academic Goals

-Make Dean’s list

-Talk in class

Financial Goals

-Put money towards cat rent: I will be adopting one or two cats this summer and I want to get a head start on budgeting for them. I started this toward the end of last year so this is just a continuance

-Put money in Christmas account

-Learn spending habits/work towards creating a budget: I will be graduating in May and entering this new world where I have to have a better hold of what I am spending my money on 


-Get into graduate school

-Find a nice apartment

-Find a nice part time job 

So those are my goals for 2022. I hope I do well with them. I hope you do well with your own goals, dreams, and hopes. Until next time.

Hi everyone my name is Nicole and I am a senior at CNU. I am majoring in psychology and am currently applying to graduate school to become a licensed counselor. I currently enjoy watching American Horror Story with my roommates and reading.
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