Motivation Tips for Online Studying

Finals week 2020 is looking a little different this year. Here are some tips to stay motivated while learning from home!

a hand holds a pen writing on sheets of paper on a wooden desk. there's a coffee cup and a notebook in front of it.

  1. 1. Separate Space

    Whether this be an entirely different room or perhaps just a designated space, separating where you relax and where you study can be very beneficial to learning from home. Obviously, having multiple rooms or spaces is a privilege, but if you are able to, I highly encourage separating out these areas in your home. 

  2. 2. Set an Alarm

    A schedule can be a great tool to help stay motivated, but the way to enforce such a schedule is to set alarms. The catch is, you cannot turn it off until you start studying. The annoying noise will drive you to do whatever you can to stop it, which is to go studying!

  3. 3. Set Benchmarks

    I like to give myself little rewards after studying. So, if I read a chapter, I get to watch a video. The trick here is not get sucked into the reward.

  4. 4. Get a Watchdog

    Whether this be a parent or older sibling, have someone hold you accountable for studying. This is probably the hardest to enact for yourself, but having someone tell you that you have to study may be the only way you will.

Online learning is difficult enough, but studying at home without the comforts of the Universty Library can be a dreaded task. Even with these tips, the most important tool is self accountability. Happy finals!