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Meet Nu Gamma Gamma: The Chicken Nugget Appreciation Fraternity

Most people wouldn’t think that chicken nuggets and Greek life would go together.

Think again.

Nu Gamma Gamma is CNU’s newest chicken nugget appreciation co-ed fraternity, and they’re taking our campus by storm. We got the inside scoop on what it means to be a NuGG from President Mariah Mckenrick, a senior who is beyond excited to pass on her legacy to their new Fall class.

“The three of us started it: Emily Senesac (19′), Mary Pierson (18′), and myself. We were at Commons for Nug Mondays, and we started talking about how much we liked chicken nuggets. It started out as a joke, and it just kind of spiraled. There are so many organizations for business or music, so why not one for chicken nuggets? Our friends wanted to join, we made an Instagram, and now we have sixty members. It’s been pretty fun!”

At a glance, most of the members are in Gamma Phi Beta, a Panhellenic sorority on campus. However, Mariah assured us that Nu Gamma Gamma was very inclusive.

“The three founders are in GPhi and originally we started it by telling sisters who wanted to get involved. Then eventually other people started hearing about it. The shirts we made have definitely got us a lot of attention recently. It’s weird to see Greek Letters on the front and chicken nuggets on the back. We get some looks in public, but on campus it’s pretty fun. It’s not a branch off GPhi, though. It’s a completely separate thing.”

When asked about the selection process, Mariah said that they welcomed everyone.

“We started it March of last year. To get new members we had people apply and write a one page essay about why they love chicken nuggets. People got creative. Some wrote poems, one girl made a video, etc. Anyone is welcome to join. There’s so many organizations that people have to compete for, but this one is for everyone. Chicken nuggets are universal.”

Nu Gamma Gamma will also be taking a Fall class this semester, and as soon as Fall Rush is finalized, applications will come out.

Finally, we asked Mariah why she and her sisters felt like putting in the work to start such a strange but totally amazing organization like this. To put it simply, she said: “It’s fun, and it’s the last few years before heading into the ‘real world’ so why not have a chicken nugget fraternity?”

For more info on Nu Gamma Gamma and how to become a NuGG, follow their Instagram account.

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