Mac Miller's Albums Ranked

Hello, my name is Adelaide, and I love Mac Miller. Mac Miller was an absolute angel that blessed this world not only with bomb-a** songs but also with a goofy, charming personality. Ever since I watched his hilarious YouTube videos back in 2011, I became obsessed.

Last year, on September 7th, Mac Miller died of a drug overdose in his California home. Today, I'd like to honor him by taking some time to think about his amazing discography. Here, I'll be ranking his five albums from least favorite to favorite. Here we go:

5. Watching Movies with the Sound Off - 2013

Best Songs: Youforia, Someone Like You, Objects in the Mirror

Worst Song: Bird Call

4. The Divine Feminine - 2016

Best Songs: My Favorite Part, Cinderella, Stay

Worst Song: Planet God Damn

3. GO:OD AM - 2015

Best Songs: 100 Grandkids, Doors, Perfect Circle/God Speed

Worst Song: Rush Hour

2. Swimming - 2018

Best Songs: Hurt Feelings, Self Care, Wings

Worst Song: Ladders

1. Blue Slide Park - 2011

Best Songs: Missed Calls, Frick Park Market, Under the Weather

Worst Song: Loitering

All of Mac Miller's albums are incredibly unique--no two albums share the same sound. While I did struggle through Watching Movies with the Sound Off, I still respect his artistic exploration into underground rap. Above all, Blue Slide Park will always hold a special place in my heart and in the heart of Mac fans everywhere.