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Introducing… Ask Adam: Her Campus, His Advice.

Her Campus CNU is excited to announce our latest column, Ask Adam!

Have you ever wondered what a guy’s take on a certain situation would be? Whether you identify as male or female, Adam is your source for all things related to college, life, love, and more! 

From Adam himself:

Now you may be asking yourself, “Why do I care about the viewpoint of a guy?” But all this anonymity gives us much more room for creativity. So it would be a pleasure for you to use my ability for your own utility! Wanna know if your date was defective? Get the male perspective. Wanna know if you should hit him up still… Even after that awkward “Netflix and Chill”? Or maybe you just wanna get an opinion from a guy who promises not to lie. And if that’s the case, madam, then why not ask Adam?

To anonymously ask Adam a question, fill out this quick and easy form! Guys and gals are welcome to ask questions! 

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