I Reread Twilight and Here's How I Felt

Twilight. We all read it. We all cringed our way through 5 films. We all had to pick a side: Team Edward or Team Jacob.

loved Twilight when I was younger. I devoured the first few books, and waited patiently until the entire series was released. I could always go back to the first book and find those super gross, romantic feelings I had as a teen reading the novels. I recently found the infamous apple-covered book, and took a weekend to reread it.... and I had so many feelings.

1. Bella is such a flat character. 

Listen, I know we all wanted to be her at some point--vampire boyfriend and all that-- but guys... she was so boring. She liked books. She was clumsy. Then she became a vampire and wasn't. That was it. So. Flat.

Also (!!!), she places all her identity in him (see New Moon). They-- especially her-- place all their eggs in that basket. Everything she becomes is because of him. Ladies, that is not cute (see "Miss Independent" by Ne-Yo).

2. Why the Sparkles?!?

I understand the "we attract humans" thing, but that was just ridiculous, and honestly weird. Bella, how was that attractive??

3. In hindsight, I understand why we all have such issues with romance.

Honestly, Edward and Bella met, and like, the next day, they were so in love. I get the vampire aspect is already the unrealistic part, but the added level of weird relationship just made it so frustrating. 

Did you read Twilight as a teen? Did you love or hate it? Let me know in the comments below!