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I Bought a Bikini From Wish, and Here’s What I Got

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CNU chapter.

As college girls, we all know what it means to be stylish on a budget. As I was strolling the racks at Target with my one item from the dollar playground, I found myself liking the styles — but not the prices — I found. 

Some may say: “But Shay, Target does have affordable bathing suits! You’re just a miser.” They would be correct! While swimsuits at Target are reasonably priced, personally I don’t see why I should spend over 10 dollars (don’t even get me started on per piece) for a suit I’m going to scrub around in the ocean in. 

After leaving Target, I decided to look on the Wish app. Normally, I only work through eBay; not only because most of eBay’s products come with free shipping, but also because there is a very extensive buyer protection protocol set in place. However, upon inspecting the Wish selection, I found it almost too good to be true. There were some products that were marked up to 95% off what they supposedly sold for in other stores, but your girl wasn’t buying it one bit. (Keep in mind I have bought through eBay before and had pretty good results. Check out my eBay buy here.) 

I decided to order this print below for my Honeymoon in July. First, I read the reviews and sized myself accordingly. I wear a US Medium but decided to go with a Large on their sizes.

Photo courtesy of Wish

I ended up paying $8 for this bikini and $3 for the shipping ($11 in all). Note: The photo featured here was captured after I bought the bikini. A plus I do find with eBay as opposed to Wish is that shipping for a majority of their items is free. Whereas, Wish can change your price for shipping. 

Then….I waited. 

And waited.

And waited.

Then the arrival date passed. Two days after the date, my suit finally arrived.

When I first opened it, the smell was a bit strong. Nothing life threatening, but I could tell it had been cooped up for awhile. I decided to wash it before trying it on just in case, and would advise the same. Simply putting it in a cold cycle and air drying will do the trick. The material was pretty sturdy, and it dried in about 20 minutes. 

I tried on the bikini and found the sizing to be a bit off (similar to my eBay buy). The top fit perfectly (I am normally a C cup) but the bottoms were a bit snug. I also was looking for something that wasn’t too cheeky (nobody wanna see all that), but found this style did expose a bit more than what I was looking for. The clasp on the back was a bit flimsy; I am pretty certain one wave at the oceanfront will leave me flashing Atlantic Avenue, but that is a minor fix.

Overall the suit was a pretty good buy for the money I put into it. Of course, the more money I spend, the better the quality. However, for under 12 bucks, this was a great buy. In the future, I will be getting all of my Honeymoon swim attire from Wish and eBay, and would recommend it to any collegiette on a budget. 

Rating: 7/10 

Pro Tip: Be sure the read the reviews for products, especially photo ones. Also, remember that everyone’s body wears clothing different.

Pro Tip: For orders from other countries, it is best to size yourself one or two up to ensure a comfortable fit.

Pro Tip: If you do have a mishap, don’t write off online shopping forever. Sometimes we hit the jackpot, other times we are let down. Being a smart shopper can help make online shopping a breeze. 

HCXO Collegiettes and remember: summer will be here before we know it!

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