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I Bought A $6 Bikini Online and Here’s What Happened

Here we are in the final days of Spring Semester 2017, and what better way to celebrate the summer than buying a new swimsuit for all those (free) summer excursions? If you are anything like me (a girl in college with limited funds), finding a steal on a cute outfit is always a win. So, instead of heading out to the nearest designer store for a bikini, I decided to take a chance and purchase one from eBay. Here is what I got for $6. 

To start, it took me over an hour to decide on a print I liked. Finally I found this one, which had a pretty floral print that I absoltuely loved. Here is the suit I bought from Popmall: 

Photo curtosey of Popmall on eBay

Next, I looked to see where the seller was located: Shenzen, China. Now, there is A LOT of negative stigma surrounding purchases done online. I’ve read “Online Shopping Fail” articles, so I was leery at first. The site claimed to sell the swimsuits in American sizes. Size is always the biggest concern when shopping online. Now, I am not nearly as well-endowed as the lady in the photo, so I figured: “I’ll go with a large and see what happens.” 

The item came to me at a pretty fast rate — the seller messaged me and let me know that the suit would be coming from a distributor within the US! This scored major points with me becasue I wouldn’t have to wait so long for an item. It would be like Christmas when it finally showed up!

After about a week, this is what I recieved in the mail: 

The suit was very nice quality for only $6, but when I tried it on, the bottoms were a bit snug (I normally wear a medium bottoms in American sizes). Other than that, Online Shopping gets another point from me!

Here are a few helpful tips when considering buying online:

1. You do get what you pay for (this is espacially true with things like wedding dresses and prom gowns). 

2. Always consider sizing differences depending on country.

3. Don’t let bad expriences keep you from finding a great deal!


Happy Summer, ladies! HCXOXO



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