How to Celebrate the Autumnal Equinox

It is Monday, September 23rd, 2019 which means we have finally reached the Fall/Autumnal Equinox, aka Mabon, aka the time of the year when days begin to shorten, and nights become increasingly longer in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s a time of celebration and a time to reconnect with our Mother Earth and remind ourselves of how connected we really are to all of nature.

During every equinox and solstice, I always like to think about the parallelism between our lives and the seasonal phases of the Earth; how we’re constantly changing and growing, and letting things go to make room for the new. The Fall/Autumnal Equinox, to me at least, is a time to reflect on the things that no longer serve you and let them go. Change, and loss, are a part of life, and it isn’t always necessarily a bad thing. We must let go of the negative things weighing us down, whatever that may mean to you. Sometimes, it’s facing the darkness within us—negative thoughts, grudges we may be holding—and sometimes it’s a more external force causing you distress. Whatever it may be, the Autumnal Equinox is the perfect time to reflect on it and learn to let go.

People all over the world have been celebrating the Autumnal Equinox for centuries, so it would be impossible to account for every way one can celebrate. These celebrations are unique to each person and community, so there’s absolutely no wrong way to go about celebrating. But if you’re new to celebrating or are looking for new ideas, here are a few easy and simple ways to celebrate this year’s Autumnal Equinox.

  1. 1. Make a List of Things You’re Grateful For

    This is always a great idea during any holiday because it forces you to sit back and reflect on the beauty of life and the world around you. It will humble you, bring positivity and remind you to appreciate the people and things you love most.

  2. 2. Make a Basket of Nature to Keep in Your Home

    Grab a small woven basket or bowl and fill it with fallen leaves, twigs and pinecones. This is something I personally do every year. I just love the decoration, plus it’s a lovely reminder of the changing seasons.

  3. 3. Identify What You Need to Let Go Of, and Work Towards That

    As I mentioned before, the Autumnal Equinox is all about letting go of what no longer serves you—physically, spiritually and mentally. Maybe there’s a grudge you’ve been holding for far too long that only brings you suffering. Maybe you’re just worrying about too many small things that are causing you unnecessary stress. Find a way to work towards letting it go.

    You can also take this time to focus on cleansing your physical surroundings. Maybe go through your clothes and donate the items that no longer bring you joy, or that you’ve simply grown out of wearing. For a more spiritual take on things, you could burn some sage and cleanse your home of all negative energies from the past year. 

  4. 4. Balance Meditation

    Meditation is a big thing during all equinoxes and solstices. It is such a powerful time, full of so much energy that you can channel inwards using meditation. Working on your emotional and spiritual balance through meditation will help you have a better, more positive outlook on all situations that you encounter, help you (re)connect with the Earth and your surroundings and could save you from the notorious seasonal depression.

I hope you all have a wonderful Fall/Autumnal Equinox/Mabon!