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Here’s Your Next Response When Your Parents Comment on Your Not-So-Spotless Room:

There is something to be said about people who consider themselves to be organized and clean who all of a sudden allow themselves to have a messy room. These type of people are likely experiencing an altered mental wellbeing (such as increased anxiety or depression); however, there is nothing wrong with people who are naturally just always a little messier (unless of course, you have to co-exist with a roommate…and in that case you should come to a compromise.)

If you identify with the second description, look no further for your next response to your Type A parents’ comment about the state of your not-so-spotless room:

Psychology actually proves that people with a messier room actually demonstrate the following positive personality traits:

  1. increased creativity (especially when working in a messy room) 

  2. generousity

  3. willingness to try new things 

Feel free to also remind your parents that, just because your room might not be completely organized, it does not mean you are equally as messy or disorganized in other areas of your life. 

Along with these positive attributes, it is natural for those with messier rooms to be (4.) rule breakers. Therefore the root of your reluctance to clean up, when those Type A friends or parents question why you have clothes, 5 different notebooks, some makeup, and socks scattered around your room at any given moment, should come as no surprise to you. Its apart of your nature…right?

It should be noted that I’m not justifying being a slob or promoting disrespecting a roommate or shared living space–Just trying to give those like-messy roomed people some positives to a trait that many people perceive to be a negative. 

So, the next time your parent complains that your room is messy, tell them how you are well organized in other areas of your life (despite this one seeming cramped), and that Psych proves the habitual condition of your room to mean you’re more creative, generous, and adventurous. 

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