HC DIY: Gothic Candle Holder

Recently, while perusing my local thrift store for some DIY wedding inspiration, I came across this candle holder. While at first I didn't think it was much to look at, my mind began to create visions of what it could be, and here we are. Check out this GIY (Goth-It-Yourself) that turned this drab woodwork into a fab edition to any home!


  • A candle holder (preferably some type of metal, but wooden works too)
  • Spray paint of your choice (I used .97 cent spray paint from Walmart)

  • Gloves (that stuff up there goes EVERYWHERE)
  • Newspapers
  • Optional: Sandpaper (for wooden works this just helps the paint adhere better)
  • Optional: Other paints and decor (these can be used to personalize and detail your object)
  • Well-ventilated area to work in

Step 1: Prepare your workspace

Using your newspapers, set up a place outside or on a patio where the elements can't reach it. Ensure this is well ventilated and that the object will not come into contact with any grasses, leaves, or animals (them cats tho). 

Step 2: Paint away!

Place your candle holder on the newspaper, and give it one light coat of spray paint. Try not to hold it too close to the object as you don't want any bubbles on your finished product. Be sure to allow ample time for drying in between coats (the chillier it is, the longer it will take to fully dry). You can save your gloves between coats, but beware that paint is a sneaky enemy! After two or three coats, check to see if everything is painted. You may need more coats depending on the paint type and object material. 

Step 3 (Optional): Detail

While I had originally planned to include a quote on this one to mach my vanity set, I ended up not going with it. However, if you wish to add detail, you do you!

Step 4: Add a candle... and done!

The candle featured here was one I also found at the thrift store. It was part of a Halloween set being sold for $2, but any candle of your choosing can be used. Also, be sure the candle sits snugly within the holder. I found that the base on this one was too small (this was not an issue as I am unable to burn candles in my apartment). If you are planning to burn these candles, please use all precautions!

Total Cost (including gloves or sandpaper): $7.98

Now that is college savvy! Happy witching! HCXO