Halloween Costume Ideas (for a Socially Distant Halloween)

Happy (almost) Halloween! Today I wanted to share some of my favorite Halloween costume ideas because, just because Halloween will be socially distant this year, that doesn't mean that you can't get into the Halloween spirit and dress up! Check out the list of a variety of costume ideas inspired by pop culture and beyond!

  1. 1. Schuyler Sister from Hamilton- Angelica, Peggy, or Eliza

  2. 2. Crewmate from Among Us

    Among Us is super popular right now and you can have fun choosing which color crewmate you dress up as!

  3. 3. Disney Character

    There are hundreds of costume ideas that fit into this category! Here are just a few of my favorite Disney costume ideas:




  4. 4. 1960s Hippie

  5. 5. 1980's

  6. 6. (Tony, Grammy, or Oscar) Award Winner

  7. 7. Butterfly

  8. 8. Angel or Devil

  9. 9. Moon and Stars

  10. 10. Harry Potter

    For this costume theme, you could dress up as your favorite character from the series or as your Hogwarts house!

  11. 11. Vampire

  12. 12. Heathers - (One of the Heathers or Veronica)

  13. 13. Mamma Mia - (One of the Dyanmos or Sophie)

  14. 14. 1920s Flapper

  15. 15. Elle Woods

  16. 16. Dorothy from Wizard of Oz

  17. 17. Friends - (Rachel, Monica, or Phoebe)

  18. 18. Greek Goddess

  19. 19. Mean Girls - (Cady, One of the Plastics, or Janis)

Thank you for reading! I hope you have a safe and happy Halloween! 

Two Ghosts Standing in Front of a Brick Wall Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels