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Glow Hard or Go Home: Glow in the Darcapella 2015

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CNU chapter.

Do you like music? Do you like dancing? Do you like things that glow in the dark? Then Glow is for you! Kick off Homecoming Weekend 2015 with CNU’s 6th annual Glow in the Darcapella this Friday, October 23, at 7 p.m. in the Concert Hall. There will also be a preshow performance by Hypnotic Control at 6:50 p.m. Student tickets are $5 in the DSU Breezeway Monday through Wednesday. After that, they will double in price at the door. Or you can buy tickets online!

Glow in the Darcappella 2013 – first time in the Concert Hall

The a Cappella Community is so excited to welcome Hypnotic Control to perform before the show, so come early to see these sassy hip-hop dancers do their thing!

Hypnotic Control

All six groups are excited to be able to perform together again. “I’m so hype for glow!! It’s gonna kick butt! I’m excited to hear what all the groups have prepared and how bomb they’re gonna sound!” says Brittingham Nunn of Take Note.  When asked what we can expect from Glow this year, Carol Dougherty, president of Take Note, said, “I think people can expect a show. With such an increase in interest in a cappella over the past few years, largely because of Pitch Perfect, there is so much anticipation of this event. We want to give the audience an amazing experience, so you can expect fun, upbeat songs, dance moves, and an overall great concert!”

Take Note

Rae Popp, president of Extreme Measures, says that, “This year’s Glow should be just as good, if not better, than past Glows. We have a lot of new and interesting things going on. For example, we are fundraising for a local group called Soundscapes. Furthermore, CNU’s Hypnotic Control will be opening the show for us this year. The whole a Cappella Community has been hard at work setting everything up and Glow is sure to be a hit once again.” Soundscapes is a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching music to children in the Newport News community.

Extreme Measures

Taylor Flowers, a sophomore in Trebled Youth, is excited to meet and perform with all of the other groups. He says, “My favorite thing about the a Cappella community is that if we need help with one of our songs, we can perform them for each other and get great feedback to make the song better.” Ethan Farthing, president of Trebled Youth, says that the group has prepared longer and harder than ever before. “Every group is pouring so much of their hearts and souls into Glow this year, as well as lots of resources. Glow is the single biggest a cappella event at CNU, and we wanted to make sure we were going above and beyond to give the audience the a cappella event of the year, and I know the other groups are putting that same effort in.”

Trebled Youth

Molly Johnson, a junior from the Newport Pearls, shares the excitement of having all the groups performing together. “Every year, groups have been finding fun and creative ways to bring something new to Glow, so I think it’s just going to keep getting better and better every year! I also love that the groups try to reach out to each other. Whether that be singing for each other during rehearsals, or hanging out with the other groups or group members, people really make an effort to get to know each other. It’s a very special, very supportive, community.”

Newport Pearls

The a Cappella Community holds auditions for all six groups the first weekend of school, and this year the a Cappella groups took in a very talented variety of singers! New this year to University Sounds, Emma Burge is beyond excited for the opportunity to perform at Glow. “We’ve been working so hard in preparation for [Glow],” she says, “and I think we are bringing a unique dynamic to the event with our different song choices. I love my USOUNDS family; even though I’m new here, they made me feel so welcome and included from the start.”

University Sounds

Danny Fraedrich, music director of Expansion, is looking forward to his last Glow not only because of the event, but because last year he almost was not able to perform due to a broken leg. Last year he was in a wheelchair, and this year he gets to stand on the stage with the men of Expansion. He says, “I think for the majority of us it’s really symbolic, because we have a lot of seniors in the group – I think 7 – and 5 new members, so to half of us it’s our last glow and to others it’s the first time experiencing it. But we’ve worked hard on our set and we’ve overcome obstacles, so now that it’s the week of [Glow], we’re just ready to go up there and sing our hearts out.” Junior Gray O’Reilly added that, “The atmosphere that the event creates is something that not just Expansion, but the other groups and the audience can feed off of, and that’s why we perform!”


This is a CNU tradition that is here to stay, and clearly the a Cappella Community is ecstatic! Glow is an exciting show with fellow Captains you won’t want to miss. Get your tickets today and join in the Homecoming and black light fun!

Sadie is a senior at Christopher Newport University with a major in Communication Studies and a double minor in English Literature and Theatre. Sadie is the Social Media Director and Instagram Admin. of the CNU chapter of HerCampus, the Vice President of Take Note a Cappella, the Treasurer of Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity, and Secretary of Lambda Pi Eta Communications Honor Society. Sadie enjoys singing, justice, Harry Potter, Netflix, rhetoric, hanging out with her Squad at home and her Clique at school, Mexican Food, and a good GIF.