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“Female Rage” Villains to Dress as For Next Halloween

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Female rage” has become increasingly more popular in mainstream culture with indie cinema and punk music featuring vengeful, chaotic, and cruel women in the limelight. Unhinged, feminine rage and female villains is becoming the top-tier genre for horror movies in the 2020s. Anti-hero girl icons like Wednesday, Eleven, and Harley Quinn have been overdone, reoccurring every year as classic staples for those who want to dress as an alternative character for Halloween. For those who believe Halloween should have an element of the macabre, this Halloween, channel your inner baddie and man-eater by dressing as your favorite female antagonist. If you are the type to plan your costume an unreasonable amount of time in advance, here is an inspirational list of the craziest women in film that slay literally and figuratively.

Pearl- Pearl (X)

If you are feeling the strawberry country bumpkin vibes this autumn season, farm girl Pearl may be your go-to horror villain to cosplay this year. Viral for the “Please I’m a star!” memes, this disturbed character will be immediately recognizable and instill raw fear in the local Trick-or-Treaters. Mania, malice, and kooky delusion are the notable schemes of this wannabe Hollywood actress as she parades around her corn fields in search for fame and adoration. Think of a twisted, sociopathic Dorothy who has a flesh-eating pet crocodile and scarecrow boyfriend, and you have landed at Pearl.

Notes: To signal this Mia Goth icon, wear looped plait braids with coquette ribbons, faux bleached brows, and a crimson red 1900s traditional style dress.

Dani- Midsommar

Crown yourself the coveted May Queen this Halloween by channeling the eternally destressed Dani from the insanely disturbing movie Midsommar. Has the thought of becoming a Swedish wilderness cult princess ever appeal to you in childhood dreams? The beloved trope “found family” takes a demented turn in this folk horror film centered around grieving your feelings and finding community… in the most unhealthy ways possible. Dani is one of the more recognizable female rage villains in niche media, as she takes her revenge on her narcissist cheating boyfriend with the help of her girl squad, AKA isolated pagan devotees.

Notes: a garden full of flowers and shrubbery shrouding your figure, a makeup-free barefare, and the trademark grumpy Florence Pugh frown

Jennifer Check- Jennifer’s Body

2009 was not prepared to handle a baddie bisexual succubus cannibal cheerleader. Jennifer was ahead of her time as a (semi) feminist who sent a message that women should be viewed more than just their bodies. All satire aside, Jennifer Check is a perfect costume for those who want to channel the triple threat of the foxy sensual, girly girl, and the downright gory in their costume. Megan Fox is a maneater icon with her to-die-for visuals that will surefire win over the party crowd if you emulate her charisma. You have three stellar hot looks to choose from the movie: early 2000s cheer uniform, the mini jean skirt moment soaked with gallons of blood, or the dripping wet gothic prom dress.

Notes: Crisp blue eyes, long black straight-ironed hair, and glossy plump lips are the key details of this bombshell!

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“The Bride”- Kill Bill

I might kill my ex, not the best idea,” said the wonderful lyricist SZA, but dressing as this vengeful assassin is a brilliant concept for 2023. After being brutally betrayed by her past coworkers of trained killers, an unnamed protagonist comes back with a fist of fury to battle the most vicious of fighters to receive her payback. For those who are petty in stylish, grandiose ways, The Bride from Kill Bill may be your partner in crime. Motorcycle swerving on the highways, downtown Japanese-style bars, and hardcore training on hand to hand combat are the vibes. To express your inner female fury, you can showcase your rampant, fierce inner-baddie by slashing down the competition by enacting this Tarantino warrior.

Notes: a sword (katana) dupe, yellow head-to-toe leather suit, and a blonde shag-cut wig screams the revered “Black Mamba“.

Nancy- The Craft

Emo, grunge, and angst take center stage with this 90s witchy flick about a trio of teenage deviants who actively practice witchcraft in their Catholic prep school. Nancy, the head mean girl and ringleader of this misfit group of wannabe witches, is dressed like a walking Halloween costume. With an evil wide-toothed grin and choppy raven hair that looks self-cut, she is an intimidating sight to behold when walking down the school halls. Power hungry and maniacal for validation from the spirits she worships, Nancy will venture to vicious lengths to achieve what she desires; she will spare no man or woman in her path to glory. “Jealous? You don’t even exist to me!” and “Oh, he’s sorry, he’s sorry, he’s sorry!” will forever be my favorite movie insults.

Notes: chunky eyeliner galore, layers of Southern gothic chains and rosaries, and silver piercings decorating your pale pasty face.

nanno- Girl From Nowhere

For the niche Netflix watchers that opt for international shows, the mysterious, hell-raiser Nanno must ring a bell when you imagine feminine rage. As the physical embodiment of karma herself, inhuman entity “Nanno” wrecks havoc and justice onto different school, social, and class systems in this Thai horror series. Trails of bodies and blood follow her Mary Janes, yet she has no physical kill count: she simply pushes classmates to uncover their secret evil tendencies and then punishes them for their crimes against humanity. If you are intrigued by the chaotic neutral in its most slay-ful form, this immortal girl will help you channel that devious energy with a smirk.

Notes: her classic blunt-cut bob, cutesy mole under her eye, and ribbon tied school girl uniform define the anime-inspired villainess.

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Grace- Ready or Not

Here is a modern scream queen who fights back tooth and nail against the evilest forces of all mankind: oppressive in-laws. A happy marriage celebration into a wealthy family rapidly turns awry when the outsider bride is forced to take part in customary family game night, except this competition has fatal consequences and only one victor. Rekindle the childlike spirit within your soul with a fun game of Hide and Seek like main character Grace with a blood-splattered lace gown and a humorous “stick-it” attitude. No longer are women the scarred, shaking victims in gore horror films, but instead they battle in raging retaliation for justice and gritty survival. All accomplished in a cinched up dress too!

Notes: ratty converse, a thrifted wedding dress that has been sullied by dirt stains and blood flecks, and the most wretched, tangled hairstyle that has been swept through like a tornado

Odile- Black Swan

For the elegant, romanticism admirers, you should choose a classic costume based off of an ancient folktale and ballet. Odile, the deceiving counterpart to the angelic white swan, is dawned in ebony feathers to resemble the darkness within her soul as the black swan. Natalie Portman‘s character in the psychological thriller adaptation is fantastic inspiration for the obsessively driven female antagonist. A sense of grace and poise are required to fulfill this role, as this swan princess is equal parts opulent as she is mad. Ruffle some feathers this Halloween with your dizzying duality of frilly tutus and splashes of blood.

Notes: the staples of this ballerina is those unsettling red eye contacts, baby pink ballet tights, and a feather crown adorning your slick bun.

21 yr old Virgo writer at Christopher Newport University. Big feminist. Coffee ice cream enthusiast. Communication Major.