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Fall Treats and Drinks (from ‘Merica and beyond)

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at CNU chapter.

It’s fall y’all. The leaves are changing, the weather is cooling, and the pumpkin spice is pumpkin spicin’. Now I know you girlies love going to Starbucks and ordering that classic latte, but if you want to expand your taste buds beyond the classic American flavor, here are some fall treats and drinks from other cultures that are just as delicious and still bring the taste of fall home. 

Gabby speaks about Autumn inspired Latinx treats and drinks:


Biscochitos are somewhat like butter cookies, as they’re packed with tons of flavor. They have a simple, yet rich flavor of cinnamon, sugar, and anise. The name comes from the Spanish word bizcocho, which means “cake”. So, in English, biscochito means “little cake.”



Horchata is a very popular Mexican drink that is made out of rice, milk, vanilla, and cinnamon. With these ingredients and flavors, there is a good balance of creamy and sweet that will make it your favorite drink yet!



For those who want a drink that can be made with many different flavors, this creamy, tropical, and coconut flavored Puerto Rican drink is just for you. Coquito drinks are made with condensed milk, egg yolk, spices, and cream of coconut [rum can be added as well to make an extra spicy fall drink]. You can add other flavors such as Nutella, Pumpkin, Butter Pecan or Oreo to make it even better. All of which, I prefer a Coquito with Nutella.

Abigail describes delicious desserts from all over the word:


Hotteok is a Korean street food snack that is a chewy pancake with a cinnamon, nutty, brown sugar filling on the inside. Although served on the streets year round, the piping hot dough comforts one’s hands during the chilly weather, and quickly warms one’s stomach and soul.  

Chai cinnamon rolls

Regular cinnamon rolls are like your last ex: basic, doughy, and in need of a glow up. Now a new flavor has come to town, and it will not disappoint. These chai cinnamon rolls do take 2 and ½ hours to make, but all good things come with time and these soft, succulent rolls will wow your taste buds and give you the sweet spicy kick you need this fall season.  


Pumpkin Chai Bubble Tea

Nothing beats a refreshing boba tea or latte before or after a long day of classes. Now you can drink the love child of pumpkin spice, chai, and brown sugar boba tea and enjoy this polygamous drink. 


Abigail Lee is a Junior at Christopher Newport University. She is a Communications Major and a Writing Minor. Her hobbies include cooking, playing the ukulele and longboarding. Her favorite show is Avatar the Last Airbender and her favorite movie is the Parent Trap(the one with Lindsey Lohan :)) .
Gabby is a senior at Christopher Newport University and is majoring in Spanish, as well as Global Commerce & Culture. She may also plan to get her masters in Global Studies. Some of her favorite things to do in her free time are reading, being near the beach, listening to music 24/7 (when she needs a huge serotonin boost, she listens to BTS), and she loves to travel.