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Everything You’re Doing Wrong on Tinder (Guys Edition)

Let’s get real for a minute. Nobody actually expects to meet their soulmate on Tinder, Bumble, or any of the other countless dating apps and websites; more often than not you’re looking for something casual. But, I will say that, as a girl, I notice some very distinct constants on guys’ profiles and in their messages that really turn me off. Every time I talk to a friend about guys we’ve seen on Tinder, we have the exact same complaints, and I can assure you that had these things been non-existent, it might have actually worked out.

ONE Shirtless Picture ONLY

Seriously. I cannot stress this enough. I don’t care how ripped you are, whether you’re flexing in the mirror, or chilling on the beach, whatever the deal is, if you have more than one shirtless picture on your profile, you’re sexualizing yourself. What this says to me is “my personality sucks so I’m going to show off my body in hopes that it’s enough to keep you interested.” News flash — one shirtless picture is more than enough. I’d much rather see pictures of you with your friends, families, or pets; pictures that show off who you are as a person.


Keep The Party Pictures To a Minimum

If you have one or two pictures of you with a bottle of beer in your hand, or of you at a bar, fine. If every single picture is one of you completely shit-faced, no girl is going to want to swipe right on that. I know I’d like a guy that’s actually going to remember our conversation the next morning.


Cigarettes Really Do Lessen Your Amount of Matches

No matter how cute or funny the guy seems, smoking is an automatic deal breaker for me. Cigs really are out right now, and most girls don’t want to be around a smoker, even if it’s just for a one night stand.


Don’t Make Your Dog Your First Picture

I’m just gonna be blunt here, if I see your dog before I see your face, I’m going to assume your dog is more attractive than you, so you were hoping that I’d swipe based off that picture. I’m not on tinder to date your dog. I’m here to potentially date you, so cut the BS.


Be Upfront in Your Bio

There’s nothing worse than someone saying in their bio that they are “open to anything” when all they really want to do is have casual sex. I understand that less girls are likely to swipe right for that, but if that’s not what she’s looking for on there, then you’re not going to get into her pants anyway, and I promise she will not change her mind about that just because you send her a funny gif and tell her she’s pretty.


Be Willing To Talk About Things Other Than Sex

Even if you are both blatantly interested in only hooking up, it’s important that you don’t make a girl feel like that’s all she is to you. Get to know her a little bit. You don’t have to know her mother’s maiden name and her social security number, but find out what clubs she’s in or her favorite TV show.


Start the Conversation Off Strong

The absolute WORST thing you can do is begin the conversation by asking for sex immediately. Start with something catchy, make a comment on her bio, or even literally just introduce yourself. I can promise you that any guy who starts the conversation off by making a comment about my body gets unmatched without a second thought.


Know When to Take Things to the Next Level

I don’t want to Facetime you or Snapchat you after we’ve talked for about five minutes, and I certainly don’t want to meet up with you that same night. Get to know each other a little on the app first. Once you’re sure this is something you want to pursue, then move it along.

Guys, if you follow these simple guidelines on how to be a decent person on Tinder, I 100% guarantee you’ll get more matches. Don’t believe me? Try it out for thirty days, and if you’re still not satisfied with your results, you can get your money back. ;)

I'm nothing more than a girl who's managed to hit her emo phase in college instead of middle school. Now I'm just a little too obsessed with writing, music, and tattoos, but hey, at least instead of dying my hair neon green and making chokers I'm dedicated to an organization that empowers women, so I guess I'm doing SOMETHING right ??‍♀️
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